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July 10, 2010



Why was there Fecal Matter coming up through the pipes > Why do we pay so much for sewer tax and then have to deal with this kind if stuff. Totaly disgusted it was gross. Hope the city looks into why this happened and deal with the mwra or reimburse everyone who had this happpen to them by lowering the sewer charges which by the way is a joke if this is gonna happen when we have this type of rain. It happened in my cellar sink and i hope it dosen,t ever happen again.

Tom Walsh

Angela, there was fecal matter in the pipes because parts of Somerville have ancient "combined" systems that do not separate sewer water from storm water. The catch basin outside my house is from 1889, for example. So, when we get enough rain to overload the storm drains, it's not just rainwater that comes back up. Cambridge, Boston and Chelsea have similar setups.

If anything, the sewer rates are higher *because* we have such a system -- that means that we have to process/treat a much higher volume of stuff than we would if we had a separated system.

As to your cellar sink: any drain in your house that's lower than the nearest catch basin should be protected by a "check valve". That's an inexpensive doohickey that allows water to flow out, but not to flow back in.

bow street

There is an obvious issue with area surrounding the police station. What would of taken place if the Green Line was under construction? Is this a result of the recent work completed on Somerville Avenue? Why should the police and fire be housed in thouse unsanitary conditions? At what point, does the city need to realize that East Somerville is under siege!

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