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July 08, 2010



Well maybe if these MBTA BUS DRIVERS didn't drive like assholes the kid wouldn't have fallen, theres a story for you to follow up William Tauro, i'd like to know how half these bus drivers even have licenses to drive the way they drive.


I was on this bus; the story is leaving out a lot. After the light changed and traffic was moving a driver on the cross-street blew through the red light. The driver slammed on the brakes to avoid hitting the car.

Personally, I'd rather the bus injure the jerk who ran the red light than the kid who went flying, but then they'd have to fix the bus.

The kid was in a stroller in the aisle next to the mother; this was a good lesson that's not a safe place to be in an accident!

Jo0ey CurtaTOON

How did you get there Billy

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