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May 25, 2010



That's why we need cops and not flagmen on details! All it takes is to save just one life to make a diffence!


Great Job Ofc Gee!! Something is missing though........where is the praise and commendation letters for the 911 crew who worked that call? After all, if it wasn't for the child's Dad calling 911 and the call going out over the air by the dispatcher, would this story be getting this much attention? He did an awesome thing saving that childs life, but you never hear about the 911 dispatchers getting any of the attention/commendations by the higher ups in the police department or by the media. They deserve recognition too. JMHO


I have a great idea! Lets take 50 cops off of Somerville Streets and replace them with flagmen that cost almost twice as much to implement!

According to the MA-DOT "the only way to stop flagmen from entering into Somerville is for Mayor Curtatone and Congressman Capuano to step up to the plate and stand up" The city of Somerville can't afford to loose up to 50 less cops on the street, not to mention that flagmen are less cost effective. Rumor has it that Joe Curtatone and Devil Patrick made a "side deal" According to the MA-DOT, Joe Curtatone stated that he would allow Flagmen if Devil Patrick released state funds earlier than planned. These state funds include $$$$$ provided for Assembly Sq, Washington Street and Goon Sq!

Mayor Curtatone, and Devil Patrick Democrats that are anti-union, support privatization and big spending! The Mayor appears to be doing a great job now, but look back in 10 years and you will recognize the dept that he created!


Why is Governor Patrick and Mayor Curtatone allowing flagmen to enter Somerville if the flagmen acutally cost more per hour than having a police officer? Rumor has it that Governor Patrick is withholding state funds for Somerville Construction Projects unless Mayor Curtatone signs off on allowing flagmen! Is construction more important than keeping our streets safe? Mayor Curtatone needs to stand up for the citizens of Somerville and make a stand! It appears that the Mayor wants everything both ways!


When is the Governor going to realize that flagmen cost more per hour than cops? Its black and white. Its not fuzzy math! When are the citizens going to take a stance!


Yes what a good direction to head in. Let’s take one job from the police union and then give it to another union. WOW now why didn't I think of that?

Yeah right, how about we just leave it alone. I live in a small town and actually like seeing more officers on the street. Oh but wait Flag men will be paid less ($38 instead of $40 Way to go Gov. Patrick !!!!) and I'm sure Verizon will reflect their savings in your next phone bill. Dream on and on and on while Somerville's Mayor and the Governor continue to take cops off the street!

Let's go after the real crooks the politicians that are milking the system for their huge pensions and health insurance after a short stint in office. Now there would be a savings.

Outraged by stupid people! When are cops going to step up to the plate and take these politicians on?


Flagmen cost more than a police officer when you add up the total cost! This is not a myth, it is true!

I hope that Somerville will not continue to allow flagman in the city! Whatever happened to the blue collar labor party? It appears that we have a mayor that calls himself a democrat but wants to destroy all the unions in Somerville!

All them union presidents should be following the money trail and start exposing all the ridiculous programs that the Mayor has funded.

Hire a professional blogger to attack the Mayor and his coherts.

Let the citizens know what is taking place regarding (healthcare, police details, fire issues, education issues etc...) The mayor rules with a iron fist, but I dont see any union presidents standing up to the plate! Why are they scared? There getting paid to fight for their co-workers, start doing so!

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