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April 22, 2010


Deanna Faherty

That's funny cause I am a Somerville resident and I was in the hospital(giving birth) on Sept. 28,2oo8.My apt. as broken into, my PS3 and 52 inch PLasma television as stolen including a Tmobile cell phone(then I knew had gps) was stolen,a police report was made with local police and also from my own investigation word was my property may have been in Medford, MA.I gave receipts, names of people that claimed they know who did it, and NOTHING was ever followed up on or done about it!How could I get the same help from the Police dept.??Do I have to have a lawyer or alot of money, my 15 year old son was beaten half to death by 3 known adults with a shaded foot Kicked reaptdly about his head, his skull was fractured and his face shattered broken nose, cheek bone, ect. The Som. hospital called the police and my son was scared to give the 3 names but the witnesses did give names of who the men was,3 days later my son gave all the names, and again NOTHING was done about it,My daughter attended the Healy elementary school, she was 8 years old, last yr. she was assaulted by the asst. principal during a school day/ the principal marked with deep scratches and bruises on her legs,I called the police after I yelled loudly at Kimberly Murphy for assaulting my daughter after she openly admitted to me when I asked her if she put her hands on my daughter, the police showed up and told me that him, himself has to do this to his on children if they act out of line,I went home refused to allow my daughter to go somewhere she isnt safe and the school was scared of a law suite or charges so they falsified a dcf order on myself(accusing me of killing my baby son ho died that yr.,and many other disguting things),and there claim after the accusations only is that I yelled 2 Miss. Murphy in front of MY child no other children, because I cussed and yelled at the asst. principal who harmed her!Again they did nothing to help me or my family!And many more things I can give a list, but a PS# stolen and all that trouble of going thru Sony to track it I paid 800 for my sons Xmas present how come we didnt get the same treatment???????????????

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