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November 18, 2009



He did very well concidering the crime!

Same old song

Oh well anotherone bites the dust!


Another one bites the dust?? Another what? John in his day was the liberal progressive, crime fighter and "reformer" of all those wicked Somerville residents who saw his role along with others so called liberal progressive and "reformers" as the savior of our city, he once worked for S.Lester Ralph one of biggest disappointed Mayors and who professed to be so called liberal progressive savior of all those sinners here in the 70's. John's close friend and supporter was non other then Senator Pat, actually he worked very closely with her and her husband in their so called "Somerville Community News" which today is and online web site with another name but the same socialist viewed ideas and yes many of the same people who worked,supported and were best friends with John. Yes John had many friends and also many who thought he was crocked from the beginning and not the "reformer" that he professed to be, a lot of his former friends are now disappointed. When someone posts a comment like that, you have to wonder is this another recent arrival who doesn't know the real truth, the whole truth about the past here in Somerville?? Or do they only know what Senator Jehlan and her close friends like John Buonomo wants them to know? Someone should do a story on her and her buddies the so called reformers like John,Lester,Tom, and off course the misguided other Mayor Gay. Hlopefully someone will run against Pat and beat her like her other buddy former Sen. Sal "reformer" Albano who was beaten by then Republican Charles Shannon. Through the pages of both the Journal and the News read what your state senator is voting on and proposing and stand up and vote next year when she and her friends are up for re-election.


the court will have him pay restitution - in quarters!!!

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