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August 21, 2009


the mad cyclist

The cyclist's are out of control. They think they own the street. Most cyclist's don't obey traffic laws, although expect motorists to follow the rules which they ignore. It's always a pleasure seeing a "barney" get struck! One less nit-wit off the street!


The liberal bikers need to obey the laws! When are the cops going to start issuing citations to the cyclists that are out of control? Mary Annie Heuston needs to wake up and observe Beacon Street in the morning. Watch and see how they all feel entiltitled. Heuston needs to stop attacking local busineses and focus on the "mad cyclists"! She's already known as anti-business, and its time to put her focus on quality of life issues.


It's not that the out-of-control cyclists are liberal, but that they just behave as they please, the law be damned, even if they put others in peril.

Until they get wise and obey the law, they'll never get any sympathy from the rest of us when they piss & moan about how THEY'RE treated.

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