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June 12, 2009


John Doe #66

In terms of the resident permit issue, the Mayor is trying to kill an ant with a nuclear weapon. I have lived in the Prospect Hill neighborhood for 7 years now and parking has never been an issue. Even on weekend nights when people have guests, I have never had to park more than 3 blocks from my house.

Now we're being told there's a crisis? Sorry, but the facts- at least in my neighborhood- don't bear that out. The crisis is going to be me or my neighbors deciding on the spur of the moment we want to invite friends over for a cookout but can't because, well, gosh, we only have a handful of guest permits and we'd rather not have our friends risk a $50 ticket or a $200 tow job from Pat's.

The Mayor and the T&PC are creating an air of crisis where there is none.

the evil genious

When is Joey going to come clean about the money he has saved in the "rainy" day account (8 million) Stop hiring joe! Stop spending money! The mayor is a liberal spender, and then wants to act like a conservative and increase health care like a republican. Is joey a liberal or a conservative? This guy keeps on increasing fines which is effecting the quality of life for somerville residents. Stop using scare tactics with residents, employees and the board of alderman! Joe is taking advantage of the bad economy forcing unions to do more with less! As tranfaglia stated to many, "if joe had it his way, he would have city employees paying 60% of their health care". This guy is a union busta! I hope people realize this when he runs state wide. He wants unions to take less, although he spends lucratively. This guy has all the union presidents fooled.

smoke and mirrors

Can somebody please tell me how many times is this mayor going to raise fines and fee's? Our property taxes are high, are school system is sub-par, the police and fire department is over staffed, the city is spending way too much money on sidewalks and streets considering the economy, and the mayor has over 8 million dollers saved in the rainy day fund. The parking fee's in this city are ridiculous, and it appears that the city hires every retard in the city to enforce the regulations. (the mayor is handing out jobs left and right, but yet wants to increase fines and healthcare) When is it going to stop


I think you are being short sighted in your analysis.

"As for citywide permit parking: right now, Somerville's taxpayers are providing free parking for hundreds of people who don't register their cars here, pay excise tax here or participate in the permit system."

You fail to mention that these non permit parking spaces are also used by residents. As a resident of somerville I pay excise tax etc, and on occasion have visitors who come to town (and shop in our stores, and eat in our restaurants) who park in these non permit parking spots. 2 visitor passes is just a joke, forget having a dinner party!

Don't be short sighted and so dollar driven that you forget quality of life for residents who do pay somerville money!

7.5 Million in rainy day fund

I give the Mayor kudos for stashing away over 7.5 million dollars in the rainy day fund.

It is unfortunate that this Mayor is using scare tactics to achieve his agenda. Tax and Spend! Increase fines! Hire more people! Ask current employess to do more with less! Take 0% pay increase. The mayor is taking advantage of the current economy and financial status of the city by using scare tactics.

DKG was the last mayor to play that game, and look what happend to her!

The mayor needs to stop playing games with the board of alderman and the unions. Shame on the board of alderman for buying into his manipulation of the budget.

The mayor is once again increasing fines and fees! Stop hiring! Stop Taxing! Cut back on 311 and Summer Stat. Get rid of Summer jobs. Close useless substations! We don't need anymore fireman! DPW workers are bumping into each other! The school system has more aids than they know what to do with! Get rid of the useless employees in your office! Does Edward Bean need all the employees in his office? Does OHCD need all the employees in their office?

Start using the rainy day fund! The mayor should have exhausted the rainy day fund prior to increasing health care on retired employees!

Get rid of the school com. and 4 alderman at large (who we dont need).

Len Tower Jr.

I urge the City to NOT extend the Residential Permit Parking to all
city streets.

* Sadly, extending Residential Permit Parking to all the streets in
Somerville, will undo the reason the program was created for.

I live on Porter Street, near the Porter Square subway. Permit
parking was put in place, so residents near the subway stations
could be insured of finding parking near their homes. Commuters was
driving onto our streets, and taking all the parking!

Now the city has insured that commuters from all over Somerville
will be able to come into my neighborhood, and prevent those who
live in my neighborhood from being able to park near our homes.

Please, don't adjust the program, with new kinds of permits. For
example, that can only park in each neighboorhood. This just gets
each driver, less value for his $$$. Please just go back to the
original goal.

* Due to Cambridge having permit parking, perhaps some of the
unpermitted streets near the Cambridge/Somerville city line need to
be switched to parking. But that should be done on a
street-by-street basis, with input from those residents, and the
ward alderman.

* I miss the Somerville I moved into in 1981 that just worked, with no
need to go to city offices to pay for more and more special permits.

* I would be willing to pay a reasonable amount more property tax,
instead of being nickel and dimed to death with the new kinds of
permits, fees, and endless visits to city offices to get and pay for

Why can't the politicians of Somerville, find the vision and voice
to show the City and it's voters a better way than this nickel and

Could you please forward this letter to the Mayor's special task force
on the parking program changes. I read about it in the papers, but
can't find an email address for it.

Thank You,
Leonard Tower Jr.

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