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May 27, 2009


William G. (Chip) Beck

By failing to define the U.S. Statutory definitions of "immigrant," "legal alien," and "illegal alien" at the beginning or elsewhere in her book, Dr. Chomsky does a poor job of framing the issues in any reasonable context for a legitimate debate on perhaps one of the key issues facing the U.S. in the 21st Century. By conveniently grouping all immigrants (legal by definition), legal aliens, illegal aliens, and so-called but misnamed "undocumented or illegal immigrants" (oxymorons under the legal definitions), Dr. Chomsky is able to blur and manipulate statistics, history, and polities into what appears to be a preconceived and propagandistic agenda rather than a serious study.
One can agree that there has been political hypocrisy throughout the history of the United States. However, Dr. Chomsky's page-by-page distortions of that history, statistics, modern-day connections, and definitions as they relate to the issue of illegal alien migration is unsound and more than a bit unseemly. These apparently intentional mischaracterizations only serve to further camouflage the impact the illegal penetration of American borders has on the only three genuine national security concerns facing any nation (Political Science 101), i.e. "territorial integrity, economic well-being, and ideological makeup."
There are genuine threats to national security stemming from illegal migration, as well as reasonable paths to resolution well-short of all-or-nothing approaches. However, In this peer review, Dr. Chomsky's work comes across more as a shrill editorial rather than a serious research study. Her book creates and perpetuates far more myths than than the 20 she purports to address. The book suffers from a lack of serious academic methodology and contains significant credibility deficiencies to those of us who have spent whole careers looking at the issue objectively.

William G. Beck
formerU.S. Consul (retired)
Doctoral Candidate
Washington, DC

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