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March 25, 2009



Dear chief,
Our allegedly injured brother police officer is a complete fraud! That accident on Highland Ave never happened! Investigate the matter a bit further and you will see! Apparently you just took his word for it, correct? Leo is just a big opportunist and a very big thorn in the department's ars! Ask him what he was doing the day before he got bagged raking his lawn this past weekend! your going to love his answer! Hey chief you told us in the beginning one day at roll call before your newness wore out, that you were not going to tolerate this kind of nonsense within our department! You specifically told a group of us that "If you lie to me or the department, you'll be fired!" Well here's your chance to see how big yours Florida balls are! Leo is lying to you and the department and making us all look like crooks! Let's see how you and your two overrated deputies handle it! Not to mention the pick of those two were another bad choice you made! We're sure that you and the two deputy dogs will see this posting! Just to make sure you do notice it, a few of us will bring it to you attention! So there's no bullshit lines later from you three gentlemen wrapped in brass that "oh we never know that was on-line!" let's wait and see! Oh ya, I'm sure the mayor will bring this to you attention as well. unless his balls shriveled up as well because of this!


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