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March 31, 2009


michael silverstein

The Tax-Free
Nation Poem

Ollie Wendell Holmes once said
‘Bout taxes in this nation,
They are the price we gotta pay
To have civilization.

But recently I’m thinking
That this rule we should relax,
’Cause I’d rather not be civilized
Than pay my income tax.

The money sinks of public ed,
The vet and welfare rolls,
The subsidies for geezer health,
Who needs these wasteful doles?

Our streets would have no pot holes
If we made them all toll roads,
Stock markets would go through the roof
Without dull legal codes.

To keep our armies solvent
We could send our soldiers plundering
No revenue means Congress
Won’t in spending realms be blundering

Who needs a tax-based commonwealth?
For too long we’ve been scammed.
We’ll each care for the things we like,
All other things be damned!

More satirical financial commentary—

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