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March 31, 2009


Secret Squirrel

To whom it may concern,
I am writing about one hundred and thirty eight cases of bumper stickers and signs that read "John Buonomo for Middlesex Register of Probate" that I found behind the CVS parking lot in Magoon Square! I think that these are the missing printing works that John had ordered from the printing company that was misplaced for four years. Please dismiss any and all charges from John because of this discovery! I will send a limo to pick John up and bring him home once you release him!

Thank you,

Secret Squirrel

PS: Happy April Fools Day!

Abe inside Lou's

Wow shocking news! It makes me wonder how many other politicians are pulling the same type of deals like this! I'm sure John Buonomo created this scam! Or at the very least perfected it to a science. Now the big question is, can the printing company print out any "get out of jail free cards" for those involved?

Abe inside Lou's

The Pie Man

Stop the press! Former registrar John Buonomo has proposed to former state senator Diane Wikerson! They both exchanged their vows today! "I Didn't do it"! John has placed his change in Diane's bra!

Who's throwing those pies!

Love, The Pie Man

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