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October 07, 2008



When will these kids learn that crime does not pay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get jobs and stop selling drugs! We all want a good life with money but we also want to do it legally. One of these kids I know personally just spent five years in jail and got out this year!!!!!!! And clearly he learned NOTHING!!!!!!!! Throw the book at all of them.

Editor's Note (JN): The (new) Somerville News website is up - you can comment on stories over there.

None of your business

I Think these people who write these stories are really misinformed. You need to know the facts about the stories you write. Especially, Erin the Author of Keep your mouth Shut.

Editor's Note (JN): The (new) Somerville News website is up - you can comment on stories over there.


I know one of them personally too and it's alot more complicated than "just throwing the book" at misguided young people. Personal responsibility is one thing and unfortunately, you can't MAKE a person adhere to it. On the other hand, as my older bro says: "a fish rots from the head down." Meaning: the current climate in this country ie. white collar crimes, a foul economy, the mortgage crisis, unemployment, deregulation giving way to a free for all on the financial market-which eventually crashed and is STILL crashing around, gas prices that rise and fall on a whim, the cronyism in the Bush administration, even the moral decline and commercialization of Hip-Hop (which I Love) via corporations (or record labels) only concerned with SELLING the music with no regard to the content and the willing artists who agree to be pawns-Well, I think the attitude is: "Shit, all of them can do it, why can't I get mine?" Simply DOING RIGHT is looking less appealing to people these days and again, it starts at the "top." I know for a fact that at least one of these young people sees it this way and what do you say to someone who points to the contradiction in the so called "leadership" in this country?
I say: use that brain, that mind, that I KNOW you have and work on developing a legal hustle and don't drink their kool-aid. When you get out, stay AWAY from that shit at all costs.
They COUNT on recidivism. Don't give them an excuse to take away your freedom.
One Love

Editor's Note (JN): The (new) Somerville News website is up - you can comment on stories over there.

Jimmy The Greek

I too, happen to know one of these dudes personally and quite frankly can't believe he's in the mess he's in. I know FOR A FACT that he wasn't "brought up" that way. It's easy to say that "crime does not pay" and some would argue that it's easier to say "it starts at the top." However, I do agree with, "Hyp" is it, when he spoke of personal responsibility. Accountability is paramount and knowing that this particular dude came from a stable home, with both parents and a support system of family and friends, I have to say: You reap what you sew! I'm saddened and disappointed more than anything else. Not all these dudes are disadvantaged, this particular dude wasn't privileged, but he certainly had the opportunity to make something of himself. For me, it all boils down to choice. We make choices and inevitably have to deal with the consequences, be they positive or negative. Having worked in law enforcement myself, I disagree that they "COUNT on recidivism", but DO believe that the penal system welcomes the revolving door and ultimately turns petty criminals into hardened ones. I think saying they're "counting" on recidivism, suggests "they" want US to fail and I honestly just don't believe that anymore. That type of negative thinking will eventually yeild negative results.

"The System", like everything else, is flawed and suspect. HOWEVER, that's no excuse for tom foolery. You can say, "throw the book at them" which is easy and perhaps the natural course of action when you blatantly break the law, BUT does that solve the problem? No. As a deterrent, the THOUGHT of incarceration alone should be enough, but it isn't. These days it's a badge of honor. So what's the solution? There isn't one. People are going to break the law, for a multitude of reasons; Lack of resources, mental disability, carelessness, addiction to controlled substances, anger, peer pressure, and plain old stupidity just to name a few. Most of these cats know the risk and choose poorly. In this particular case, I blame the individual and the individual alone, but concede that he's put himself into a system where failure is pretty much the accepted practice

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