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October 02, 2008



There is one important question I have. The new condo ordinance gives long notice and cash benefits to renters who are elderly, "low income" etc....So what are the notice and cash benefits paid to these groups of renters in regular homes and buildings? If they are less than the new proposed condo ordiance then we can see what it is: naked redistribution of income under the guise of helping the "less fortunate." If those groups are worth giving enhanced protections to, then surely they should be protected across the board. If just those wishing to convert condos are being punished then this is definitely an equal protection violation. I do not see how it could stand up in court.

Boston Condos

JPM - I Agree.

Property Owners Rights

You're right, this, like lots of other ordinances would never pass a court test. Problem is, noone wants to bring the test case which will most certainly bring about some type of retribution (Ever hear of re-assessment of property?). Let's see now, we're required to clear the front of our homes of snow and other trash, yet would not be allowed to sell it to whomever we please? This goes beyond socialism, veering toward communism!

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