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October 01, 2008



I'll be proud when Somerville is seen in nationally televised ESPN broadcasts, and happy to go to the stadium for cheap entertainment!

Stadiums for everyone!

A 35,000 seat stadium now? It started off as 15-20k then 25k now its 35k? Wtf Why don't we just build a 65k seat stadium and have the pats move here? I can't wait until Kraft world comes here with another Man Mall. When Joey C took the job he made a point of telling everyone that Jim Kostaris and OHCD would work everyday to bring new businesses to Somerville. Is this the result of that? Pizza vendors and parking lot attendants, awesome!


35,000 seats looks like a typo, Major League Soccer has a target of 20,000-25,000 seats for all of the leagues new stadiums. There is no way they will build any larger than that. This stadium will put Somerville on the map as a place to visit rather than avoid. If office/retail/residential developments comes along with it then you should welcome it for the money it will generate for the city. It's certainly better than what is there now, and better than a prison the urban wasteland it will continue to progress towards in the years to come if the area is left to fester.


Wow, 35,000 seems awfully high and I'm one who desperately wants this to happen. The biggest drawing clubs, DC, Toronto and LA, would have a tough time consistently filling that. 25,000 is more realistic, I don't want the team to be playing in a half-full stadium.


A 35,000 seat stadium sounds ambitious, but certainly possible. The Brazil National team has played two games at Gillette Stadium and sold out the place both times. The U.S. National team can be counted on to draw big crowds, and the Revs can draw that kind of crowd for really big games. Some big concerts may come to town as well.

That is a lot of discretionary income that is about to be spent in Somerville. I hope this happens.


They better not try to jam this rent control - hidden as a condo conversion - up our RonNewmans! The reason the PDS'ers want this is that they all only rent or own a single condo - very few of them own 2 family houses and NONE own buildings with > 2 units. In their little private Idahos this condo conversion provision somehow serves the low-income community. When in fact, no low-income or handicap person will ever be able to rent now in Somerville. Why would anyone rent to them knowing the extra BS that will come along with them?

The law of unintended consequences strikes again! Rebeccah should be washing dishes in a soup kitchen not making decisions that affect others. Who are the morons who voted her and Carl in?

GOOD development, please

Can I ask why it is that when there are budget cuts everyone cries that we need more business in the city, more industrial uses, etc. Then, whenever, there is a new development, everyone wants 'mixed use' (gotta add more condos!), or something like this absurd stadium idea. We need development which will make Somerville attractive to business owners, and also create good jobs. Who wants to locate a business near a stadium that is either vacant or full of loud fans leaving behind loads of trash on the streets? Where do our Aldermen stand on this issue? Let's hear from them and have a public hearing so we can get this discussed and hear all sides! It seems like Curtatone is trying to jam this thing through (I wonder what kind of a deal he has worked out with Kraft!!!).


What's the point of going to a stadium? You can watch everything at home. You only get colds and the flu by mixing up with the stadium trash.


What? something good in Sommerville?
I thought it would never happen.

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