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October 08, 2008



Does the city have the entire contents of the Condo Conversion Ordinance posted online for review? The article posted on the city's website lists the provisions that I suspect are drawing the most fire (advance notice and relocation expenses, some of which seem excessive), but not much else.

I don't have to time right now to go point by point, but the two-year advance notice for certain tenants of larger buildings seems excessive compared to the same tenants receiving six months notice if they live in a two- or three-family house. Is there a way for the city to offer some sort of expedited placement in city-owned housing for elderly or handicapped? I'm not sure.

And that number for reimbursement for relocation better be per unit, and not per tenant. Most likely see that money being used for deposit on a future rental (fine with me) or applied towards a down payment on a home (better yet).

William Hurst

"We support the Police doing detail work here and think the Governor is making a huge mistake, it’s extra income to those that serve and protect us." JN, is this a joke? Tell them to get a second job like the rest of us have to do. Also, I am tired of hearing that it is a safety issue, that having flag people do this would put the public at risk.
Why do we have retirees as crossing guards????? 70 year old people can walk our children, whose ages range from 5 to 18, from one side of the street to the other. But it takes police academy training to watch a hole being dug!!!! Anyone can drive a school bus, with preschool aged children as passengers, but it takes police academy training to watch someone work on a telephone pole. PLEASE!!!


Is Rebekah and others trying to establish a dictatorship in Somerville? I thought the residents were supposed to push up ideas for new ordinances... but it seems like we are being forced fed. This condo ordinance makes no sense at all, and there is little support for it... so why is Rebekah still discussing it?

Some police and some not

The details should be left to the heavily congested streets like Highland, Broadway, Summer, Medford and Somerville ave and the more popular side streets like Lowell Cross ect. The vast majority of streets however have very little traffic during the hours of 9am 3pm and a cop making $40+ to baby sit Nstar or any other contractor is a joke. A guy holding a flag will have no problem dealing with the traffic on my street during those hours. I know this probably won't happen simply due to the mayor and aldermen not having any balls when it comes to standing up to the police unions so I'm sure we'll se no change here. The days of cops making 100k plus are on the way out, so if they want to make that kind of money I would suggest trade school and a real union job.


Newstalk wrote a small blurb about TB of the highway department. He has been on administrative leave for 4 weeks now. No new news? Or did someone request that this be kept quiet?

Ron Newman

Not only do we not need police details, in most cases we don't need flaggers either. Why not just let the utilities decide whether they need flaggers, and if so, how to hire them?


Gewirtz is keeping this ball rolling at the request of Joe Curtatone. If it fails again, he will again do his Pontius Pilot routine and wash his hands clean.

Somerville Resident

You know how it is at the DPW, they all cover eachother's butts. Too bad for all the honest hardworking people there, that's why they are leaving. You can't get rid of the dishonest ones for fear of a lawsuit. That's what we get left with as taxpayers in the city "CRAPPY WORKERS"

Torpedo Lady Wins Again

The Torpedo wins another discrimination case against the City. Civil Service magistrate has over ruled 3 attorneys quest to have her suspension stand and T.H. was awarded, without prejudice, her suspension back, overtime lost and granted access to the shop which she was locked out of.

Another loss for the Hog. GO Torpedo Lady

Editor's Note (JN): The (new) Somerville News website is up - you can comment on stories over there.

marcin ramotowski

I just wanted to comment on the Torpedo Lady, she is a very strong woman and she presents herself very well. She is one of the few that people like on the city. She is great a her job and gets it done faster than any other person in her section. Very friendly and outgoing. Her higher up are two face people who only cares about himself. They need to stop messing with her, dont they get the point she is not scared of them and will fight for her rights till she wins like she always does. She does everything by the book but the funny part is that the city yard is far from perfect because everyone else doesnt follow the book. Most of the people that work in the city yard are criminals, she is not one of them. Well i am a woman that lives in this city and i back torpedo lady up. I hope one day they learn not to mess with her. Well thanks again for letting me write, and you taking the time to read how i feel.

Editor's Note (JN): The (new) Somerville News website is up - you can comment on stories over there.

marcin ramotowski

I think that cops should get that money. Yes they might just be standing there but that is kinda like a break from what they normaly do like deal with shottings and with fights and ect. So they do desire that money. Also the people that say all the cops are doing is standing there with a flag i would like you to go and try to be a cop and then telling me they dont desire a little break. They keep you and your family safe the rest of the time that they are working.

Editor's Note (JN): The (new) Somerville News website is up - you can comment on stories over there.

Somerville Resident


Editor's Note (JN): NO DUMBASS - The (new) Somerville News website is up - you can comment on stories over there.

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