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September 16, 2008


somerville news fed the machine

the somerville news did nothing but feed the machine for the last 2 months. great way to antagonize voters! that was a total backfire! the more people read about the neagative campaigning by the the somerville news, the more energy they put toward beating trane. its unfortunate, because carly is a complete joke. the more unfortunate factor is that trane got beat by his own supporters. good intentions, gone bad! A COMPLETE TRAIN WRECK!


Well well well... How embarrassing for Bob Trane... A REAL MAN, losing like that, even after being given all the advantages in this world!


I've never seen a newspaper work so hard to motivate the progressive base. Congratulations Somerville News, this victory is partially yours!


How awesome!! (and I bet you won't post this comment)


Thanks a lot Bob. Now Carl has another term to push his crazy, left wing agenda. End discrimination for our "transgendered brothers and sisters?" Sheesh. Come on Carl, is this really a priority? Really? What about all the young Somerville kids who are looking at a future without opportunities? Will you only help them if they are transgenered? Sounds like discrimination to moi. Damn Bob, how did you lose this one? The guy's name wasn't even on the frigging ballot and you know he's built up a significant negative factor over the last 4 years with his lack of focus on constituent services and emphasis on saving Darfur. Now we have 2 (or is it 4?) more years of this creep. I'm telling you: that delegation is like a frigging coockoo's nest. They make Barney Frank look like Strom Thurmond what with all their catering to the pet liberal causes of the moment. Somebody get me Bill O'Reilly.

italian homophobic stereotype

you guys are nice folks, but need to work on your logo. how am I suppose to trust someone's ability to lead a state when they lack sound judgment when it comes to graphic design?

seriously. Besides, people like stickers. he lost to an adhesive.

The Patriot

You would have honestly thought his losing his signatures was his own idea.
If it weren't, it should have been. What a very interesting gambit. So there'll be no gambling allowed in Scortino's Massachusetts. Guess we'll just have to keep donating to Great State of Connecticut. Foxwoods, Mohegan Sun, here we come!


There have been a lot of Train wrecks in the news lately.


I'm really tired of "old Somerville" whining. Mel, what makes you think Somerville kids don't have opportunities? Like me and all Americans, they have a free 12 years of educations, they can choose to study hard and make good choices or not.


Trane lost thanks to SOD those six hundred plus voters that pulled that other party ballot cost Trane big time, you really helped your buddy SOD!!


What are you "REAL MEN" afraid of? You do realize that homosexuality is not contageous, don't you?


Really, Mel, your leaps of fancy are amazing. Transgender rights aren't some crazy issue, it's a human rights issue. Just because you don't have to worry about being discriminated against in trying to get a job and housing, doesn't mean that everybody has that luxury.

Oh, and since my brief previous comment of "Yay, Carl, good job" didn't get published I seriously doubt the gatekeeper is gonna let this one through. Doesn't fit with the agenda, huh?


Mel, I just don't get it. You should write to Carl and tell him what your issues are and what he can do about them. He's a Rep. who gets one vote and has the right (which, by the way, you do, too, through him or your Senator) to sponsor legislation. You should organize yourself and your people instead of spouting the latest "conservative" rhetoric which most Americans are getting sick of. Get up, get out and get organized and then maybe someone will listen to your grousing.

somerville gal

Bob did his best, just like Vinny Ciampa. Two politicians who have done so much for our city.

I was born and raised in West Somerville and the "progressives" have managed to force out all the families who use to live there. My family has been there since the 30's. I'd rather turn back the clock and have the old neighborhood. Soaring home prices have driven everyone out. I don't like what I see now.

Now, our area has become a spillover of the G&L takeover. If the housing market crashes will they remain? Or seek out another gentrified opportunity gone mad! We need balance in our community not division, but the G&L community will not be satisfied until all the working families are removed from Somerville and politicians replaced with "their friends" who will fight for their own agendas. I've watched this going on for the past 10 years and it makes me mad as hell!

How long do Carl's supporters stay in Somerville? Are they mostly made up of Tufts students who are only here for a few years? What about the yellow "T" shirts who were in everyone's faces forcing them to vote for Carl? Do they go to work like the husbands and wives across our city, while raising families? No, they have more free time to spread their propaganda.

This is a sad day indeed and I hope that Bob will continue to be my Alderman for years to come because I'm not selling out to the Yuppie crowd who are determined to take every inch of our city neighborhoods.

And shame on the Mayor for allowing the development to run a mok throughout our area. They only buy our homes so they can flip them and make profits. They are not long term homeowners like the long-term Somerville natives. We need to take our neighborhoods back and say "no more" to the progressives! Medford residents are next to be invaded! Don't let them bring in the Green line, it will be the end of Medford as you know it.

See where Carl gets his support and then you will realize you have voted for the wrong candidate.

Bob Trane knows the community better than any other politician in our area. He would have fought for our families and elderly on Beacon Hill.

Now all we got is this unqualified stooge for two more years. Thanks to the unfair political election that allows transients to vote for their shortsighted and short term agenda.

It's only two years, Bob. It was only 300+ votes.

going down

forget two years...its only one more year till the next Ward 7 Alderman race! If you think the progressives are going to let Bob off the hook for this one you are crazy. Enjoy elected office while it lasts Bob cause come this time next year you will be fighting for your political life just to keep your Alderman seat. I hear "they" already have their candidate ready to go.


No, I tell you what Bob would have done in the future, had he been elected: sat on his ass and do NOTHING for two years.
That's why he lost. He thought he had this thing in the bag, got a little lazy and complacent and lost a campaign that any novice would have won.


"Do they go to work like the husbands and wives across our city, while raising families?"

yes, we do. but the issues are important enough to us that we use a vacation day to support democracy.


Was it really necessary for Carls' people to be standing in traffic around Teele Square banging on car windows, yelling at people to vote in Somerville? That's only a little intimidating for adults, imagine if you were a child? It was a disturbing sight to see a public offical, Denis Guyer the state Rep from Dalton,. (who was on the ballot yesterday for Second Berkshire District) to be yelling at the Election Commissioner and City Lawyer. I gather Denis didn't have to campaign in his town of Dalton, so he came here to try and intimidate people to vote for Carl. I think he should be worried about the people of Dalton on election day (and every day) instead of his loud public discussion with City officials concerning his percieved view that they were wasting city time by actually doing their jobs, which are to make sure the election is conducted according to the Law. I hope he doesn't treat his consituents this way.


Question: Can Bob run a campaign as the republican or independent now for the general election this November? Does he have time and is it legal? The problem he had is the same one Hillary had against Barry - where ~50% of the democratic party has become far left wing looneytunes (basically the floatsam of our society) and that is just enough to win any democratic primary. The progressive machine is too well entrenched now.

I think in the general election - when Bob can grab independents & republicans - he would win. He would get his moderate democrats (~1500 he got in the primary), lots of indepedents and then ALL republicans (there aren't many of us, but enough to put him over the top).

The last thing this district needs is 2 more years of Carl prancing around with all his "special" friends and ignoring what the majority wants and cares about. Carl is an embarrassment and nothing against him personally, but I wouldn't piss on the guy if he was on fire.

Lastly, did anyone notice that our special friend, Ron Newman, made the other paper? Seems Ron ratted out a poll worker who was trying to help him by showing him how the stickers went on (I wonder who Ron was voting for?!?!?). He freaked out and reported her to the election board & newspapers. Only a socially inept and tinfoil hat wearing noobhead would do what Ron did. Ron, there was no big conspiracy...SHE WAS JUST TRYING TO HELP YOU!!!!


REAL MEN like Trane and Imux are afraid of falling madly in love with Sciortino. He's cute. That's what they are afraid of.


IMUX, the poll worker offered Ron an O'Donovan sticker. That is illegal. I'm sure the poll worker didn't intend to committ a crime but POLL WORKERS are not allowed to provide voters with stickers. You can only hand people stickers 150 feet from the polls. NOT in the polling place.

Ron Newman

The poll worker offered me an O'Donovan sticker. That is not allowed. How would you feel, Imux, if a poll worker in Ward 7 was offering voters Sciortino stickers?


Ron, please refer to my comment about if Carl was on fire and I hate to take a leak - to see how'd I feel if someone offered me a Carl sticker.


There is a way that Bob Trane could turn back a progressive challenger next year. Between now and then, he would have to demonstrate independence from the mayor. Not just some coy vote-trading where he vote's against what the mayor wants, knowing that his vote won't make any difference.

Fighting to keep the Powder House School property, or calling this phony charter commission what it really is, or opposing the soccer stadium idiocy could convince enough moderate voters that Bob's his own man.

Progressives wouldn't have much of a chance then.

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