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September 20, 2008



Just talk to your neighbors, within a 3-5 houses radio and set up a neighborhood watch system, which is not the same as a vigilante network. It's also a god opportunity to get to know everybody around you.


Re: vehicle break-ins. Granted, low on the impact scale as opposed to the many other (crime) increases cited by the "View."

Vehicle break-ins, as reported in the crime log, are running about thirty, or more a week, in Somerville.

When are vehicle owners going to smarten up?

The bad guys are after GPS's, and other electronic devices; as well as any other thing of value, cell phones, computers, tools etc., left in PLAIN SIGHT by the not too smart vehicle owners.

It's no wonder they are getting ripped-off!
These "victims" are part of, and contribute to the problem.

I have no sympathy for them or their losses.


Why does Somerville want to give new condo developers an edge over people that own 2 to 3 bedroom houses? That is exactly what this new condo ordinance does.

This will make big developers lives easier and increase their profits! Who are the real people and the real reasons behind this unfair legislation proposal??

Police should live in city.......

The police and other city officials and staff should, as a requiriemnt of their employment, be made to dwell in our 4 square miles instaed of doing their 8 hours, except for details and courtime of couse (premimum overtime) and taking off to suburbia were they could care less what happens to our city and it's residents.

It only makes sense that if a cop lived in the city where he or she lived they would take a hell of a lot more interest in the neighborhoods and the city as a whole. I give the new Chief a lot of credit for moving within our city borders because it shows that he cares.

Any new cop or city employee that are future hires shoul;d live in our city and those already on the city payroll should be given two years to move to Somerville or lose their jobs.

The Somerville News should print how many city employees who draw a check from city hall actually live in this city. I bet a lot of citizens would be amazed!


Live here and work here why would you want that?
Don't you get it they only want their paycheck from here not their domacile.


Agreed. Cops/Firefighters should have residency requirements.

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