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September 04, 2008



I agree with the comic to some degree. When did dogs/pets become more important than people? Kids (all ages) should have priority over dogs.


Nobody thinks the animals are more important than the kids, but I think the pet owners believe they as people are equally important as the kids.

Unfortunately for the kids and fortunately for the pet owners the pet owners are more involved in the politics of land, are more organized around getting what they want and act as advocates for their own interests.

The pet owners feel the park (I only know of one park that is about 1000sq. feet) are for them. Which it is and those people use it all the time making it one of the most well used parks in the city.

If parents are not willing to be involved in the lives of their kids and be advocates for them well this city has bigger problems then quarrels around land use.

The city needs to provide services for all people, adults, toddlers, kids and teens.


The city has ONE park where dogs are allowed. A small patch of land attached to Leathers park does not count. Signs on all city parks say "Bow wow, woof, woof Dogs are not allowed in Somerville Parks." No restrictions for kids AT ALL. This is Somerville putting dogs before kids?

If you want a skateboard park stop whining and pointing fingers at tax paying dog owners and raise the money to build a park. That's what the DOG OWNERS had to do. Ask the city.

Ron Newman

The signs in most parks now say that dogs must be leashed, rather than that they are not allowed at all.

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