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September 17, 2008



At his victory party, Sciortino said his three priorities for his next term ... pass “non-discrimination hate crime law for our transgender brothers and sisters across the Commonwealth.” LOL!

Hey Carl, that's a huge priority for the folks of the 34th!!! LOL!!!! Just what we need ****** running loose in our city playgrounds. LOL! If people don't think outsiders won this election for Carl - then they need their heads examined.

Question: Can Bob run a campaign as the republican or independent now for the general election? The problem he had is the same one Hillary had against Barry - where 50% of the democratic party has become far left wing loons (basically the floatsam of our society) and that is just enough to win any democratic primary. In the general election - when Bob can grab independents & republicans - he would win. He would get his moderate democrats, indepedents and then republicans (there aren't many of us, but enough to put him over the top).


No one is going to beat a “progressive” in this area in a DEMOCRATIC primary. It ain't going to happen. I have no idea why Bob did not run as an Independent or Republican. He would have gotten on the ballot easily and had those votes locked up - and then he could have campaigned to win over the moderate democrats in the general election.

I told him that, but he thought there were enough moderate democrats left to win. You know things are out of whack with the democratic party when a moderate longtime resident (who most people know) can't beat a progressive newcomer (who hardly anyone knows) backed only by special interest/outside groups. Yikes. When does the backlash come? One party systems run by a vocal minority are dangerous.

Well, cogratulations to Carl. He ran a filthy race, but that was to be expected from him and he did not disappoint. I wonder if I dress in a skirt and red pumps - if Carl will FINALLY meet with me and other residents and business owners of the 34th? He seems to be pulling for the transvestie community heavily and they seem to be the only ones who can get an audience with the prince. Hey… when in Rome.. do as the Romans! Carl's victory bash must have been like Caligula redux! Hope they clean up Saburs with bleach.

somerville gal

I can't believe CS won again. What we need is a state rep like Bob Trane who will work for everyone.

I'm very sad about this election because it means more of the same nothingness from Carl S.

We residents who have seen the many changes over the past 10 years understand the issues at hand.

It's a major takeover of the G&L community supported by their "special interest groups" who have their own self serving agenda.

First it was Vinny Ciampa of Ward 7, then Charlie's Shannon's Senatorial seat (God rest his soul) and next was Jack Connolly of Ward 6.

We supporters had hoped Bob would have pulled it off last night since he has been a great Alderman, one with much understanding and compassion for his constituents who love him.

He is what the real Somerville is about. Not Carl S., who uses his power as a Tufts Alumnus to gain votes. How many people even recognize him as a person? I doubt any of the long time residents, just his newcomer "progressive" group who are determined to turn our city an all G&L exclusive club.

Two years go by fast. It's not over yet.

I agree, maybe Bob should run as an independent then he would get a fair number of voters.

They should also place this election on the November ballot since many don't pay attention to September election day. Plus, with all that's been in the news regarding the major financial crashes, I'm sure job loss was everyone's distraction.

We love you Bob! Hang in there. There is still enough of us around to support you next time.

You are a good man. This election was stolen. Anyone can buy votes and special interests can buy all the support an unqualified candidate needs to win an unfairly run election.

Mary Lou

Maybe Bob should consider a course in elocution before he embarks on another campaign.


I mux, you make a good point with this : "One party systems run by a vocal minority are dangerous."

Progressives PDSers moonbats, whatever you want to call them, are VERY active in politics. As they say, the squaky wheel gets the oil. This is why I am convinced that a large silent majority in Somerville are NOt in favor of the new proposed condo ordinance or all these annoying bike lanes that keep cropping up (most of us know that bikes often going very fast and disregard all traffic laws)......but in the end we only have ourselves to blame.


i'm about to lose my house and he is worried about whether or not boys who think they are girls can use the girl's room. oh wow.


JPM, I agree on we only have ourselves to blame. The progressives are very organized and active. They do a great job using technology (Carl's site and use of facebook/myspace is a perfect example of being ahead of the other guy) and getting every single one of their folks out to the polls. Most of us normal folks have to make money/support families and just don't have the time or energy to devote to a political 'cause'. Though I suppose if I got my rocks off by dressing up as a women then I'd be HIGHLY motivated to support any political 'cause' that gives me special treatment.

You know, I would still like to see some of the names that voted for Carl as I have a funny feeling many of them are still in prison, crossing the border coming here illegally or recently dead. That's the other thing the PDS does well; they are good at dirty/filthy politics.


Yup, Bob Trane should have run as a Republican. he would have gotten all those 27 votes.


Why are you all hating the tranvestite community? We are just like you, blue collar, working folks to put food on the table for our families, church going law-abiding folks.


Bob please run as an Indy - we need to put an end to this foolishness.

Inman Square

I was on the fence about who to vote for. I didn't have a big problem with Sciortino but I did think he was a bonehead for losing his nomination papers. And I like Bob Trane in many ways.

But Trane (and his supporters) were so obnoxious to Carl that he lost my vote. I don't want to hear about whether he thinks the incumbent is elitist, or out-of-touch, or is supported by out-of-towners. I want to know what the candidate stands for. The only difference I heard about was over casinos, and I don't care that much about that.


Imux, I hate to tell you this, but not everyone shares your priorities.

Passing non-discrimination hate crimes legislation is a priority for a lot of your friends and neighbors in the 34th. I'm not transgendered, but I support their right to live their lives free of discrimination. I'm pleased that our representative does too.

I also support bike lanes. I share your frustration about riders who don't obey the traffic laws, but until our police officers start ticketing cyclists, they're not really incentivized to do. I hope that both the police and the cyclists will change their behavior.

The condo ordinance, however, you and I completely agree on. It's total crap. It will ensure that no landlord rents to elderly or low income tenants in this city. Gentrification will speed up immensely.

Melissa McWhinney, Advocacy Director, CAAS

To unionsquare boy: If you're about to lose your house (I'm assuming through foreclosure), call Homeowner's Rehab in Cambridge, 617-868-4858, [email protected] . It's a HUD-approved foreclosure counseling agency. They may be able to help you hang onto your home.

If you're elderly, call HOME (Homeowner Options for Massachusetts Elders), 1-800-583-5337, .

Good luck!


I'm not surprised at the way this race turned out. Same happened to Vincent Ciampa. People really don't understand what is going on with this section of the city. I will do everything in my power to help Bob Trane if he chooses to run again in two years. What the Somerville Journal did was outrageous, just like they did to Vinny right before the election.

How many "progressives" work for the Somerville Journal? I refuse to buy that paper because it endorses the wrong message. A newspaper should have balance, it's not what you get with the SJ. We don't need G&L unmanaged anger vented in our town politics. Take it up with your therapists. Have they no life, but to go to this part of the city and try to take it bit by bit, even a newspaper? If the city didn't need your money so badly, your candidate would have been voted out! You think you will unseat Bob as Alderman? Think again. He's got enough supporters on his side that won't let it happen. Luckily, there ARE still enough working class families left who care. What have you got? Out of towners, Newton, Cambridge, Brighton, Brookline, who come here and fight for a young boy who can't secure his election papers? Is there someone around to hold his hand so he can cross the street? Anyone can rely on outside support and money from "special interests" groups and win an election. It's unfortunate that enough don't take the time to vote or get involved. BUT SOME OF US HAVE A LIFE!

It is an inaccurate representation of voters who voted for the wrong candidate and that is the primary issue. This section of the city is extremely divided and unless the G&L community can meet halfway, I don't see any compromises being made. I'll never forget the verbal assaults and pushing and shoving that took place by Carl's supporters at the last race. We had to have the police in place to keep the peace. Never had I ever experienced that before while supporting a candidate in this city. Dirty politics is how Carl and his supporters play. It's time to take our city back! And we can start our own network. See you at the next election.

The Patriot

I supported Bob Trane. He didn't win.
End of story. All the gay bashing and all the outrage over the Journal won't change the result. Anyone running for office knows where the Journal stands and that it exercises its first amendment rights to legally slander whatever public figure it chooses.
Forty years ago, the Journal was fair to all the candidates (equal space, etc.) That ended decades ago. But dirty politics has always been found
in Somerville campaigns: assaulting campaign workers at the polls, dumping campaign mail at the Post Office, and questionable recounts. It's all part of history. So spare us the tears. Bob could have won and should have won. The fault he lost lies within: Vinnie Piro underestimated what a sticker campaign could do. The precedent is there. Those who fail to understand the mistakes of the past are bound to repeat them. So let's stop whining about the outcome and start playing Somerville hardball politics the way it is supposed to be played.

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