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September 09, 2008



Somerville needs more houses of God to worship in than more price crashing housing being handed over through LIAR LOANS to be bailed out later by the taxpayers!

Ron Newman

I have no idea what you mean about "liar loans", but the city had no role in the Archdiocese's decision to close and sell this church.

Pumpkin LLC

Ten to one SOD has his hands, arms, feet and head in on this deal. If he wins the upcoming race for Registry of Probate, he might as well change his middle name to "Donald Trump".

father to be (hopefully)

As to the first comment I strongly disagree..
We need more ACTS OF GOD more importantly than a place to worship. I am about to be a new father and I must confess I am not ready.. My girlfriend and I are trying to deal with an unplanned pregnancy. Her aunts with whom she lives, are trying to force her to have an abortion. They say that if she continues with this pregnancy that she will be kicked out. I am desperately searching for affordable housing to save the life of our child. I believe that many people abuse the system and our taxes reflect it, however things look much different when you actually need the system.

if you can help please e-mail with some suggestions or resources..
thank you.

~in need!


"Koslow said families earning less than 60 percent of the average area income would be eligible to enter next spring’s lottery for a chance to rent one of the new residential units."

I would love to see who gets these units. The one major flaw with these feel good policies is that they have loopholes in them that you can drive a truck through. The major one is that the income cut offs are determined by reported income: i.e. income that you declare in your tax returns and reported on W2s. What often happens is that people get theses cheap apartments and they are working under the table and are actually doing very well....and now they get a cheap apartment as well. Like a lot of feel good poilcies...when you examine them more closely they fall apart.

Gov. Palin

Somerville citizens, if you know of anybody who is cheating to get these apartments, please file a report.

Yorktown Street

Very unlikely that SOD would be involved in anything that SCC does. "Liar loans" are only an issue when people are buying houses. These are rental units. I wish people would read more carefully.


These places have mortgages. READ the article more carefully.
As to the leases, leases are "loans". How many of these leases will be
"liar applications"?

Ron Newman

Leases are loans? Huh?

I have a lease and pay rent every month. That is not a loan.

Yorktown Street

What Ron said! Plus, the mortgage that's mentioned in the article is SCC's mortgage. No one will lives there will have to borrow money to do it. They are tenants, not owners.

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