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September 25, 2008


Adam Rich

You said it Nino.


"A costly renovation project and $10,000 in owed back taxes later, the club announced it would not see the end of September without some serious help."

Ok, so the club chose to spend money on a renovation when it owed $10,000 in taxes and we are supposed to feel sorry for the owners? Give me a break. Perhaps they need a new accountant.


who in hell cares about this dump? it's a

dive - worse than sligo's...

joe smith

too bad the govt didn t bail out small businesses

Ron Newman

The difference is that the Abbey Lounge has become a major venue for live music. To my knowledge, the Sligo has no live bands.


Who cares?


If that bathroom (pictured above) is an indication of what the rest of the place looks like; and reflects the mentality of the persons who frequent the place, who needs it?

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