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September 17, 2008


Somerville Resident

I can't believe people actually put a mark next to John Bounomo's name. People really are stupid.

somerville gal

Trane did not lose by that much. Maybe if Carl didn't have his "special interests" groups and out of town supporters, Bob would be our next state representative.

It is a sad day for the families and elderly citizens of West Somerville.

Two years is not that long. Next time.

Dialing For Dollars


Mary Lou

People is Ward 7 are smarter than you think. Imagine, he lost 2 out of 3 precincts. Congratulations Carl!

what about OD?

What happened with the Probate election? Who won?


Trane did not fair so well considering he was the only one on the ballot. It would have been considerably more lopsided if Sciortino had been on the ballot.

Ron Newman

Buonomo won. He is declining the nomination, so all of the Democratic ward and town committees throughout Middlesex County are convening to elect delegates to a special county-wide caucus which will select the new Democratic nominee.

Ward 6's meeting is Monday at 6:30 at Ciampa Manor. We are electing three men and three women to attend the county-wide caucus which will occur two days later. I don't know when and where the other ward meetings are.

I already received a letter in the mail yesterday from Sean O'Donovan's campaign, asking for my support in the caucus. I do not even know yet who else is running (besides Bob Colt of Medford and Tom Concannon of Newton).


LOL! Progressive democrats crack me up. Buonomo won. He did with ~ 2500 votes. LOL!!! What a well informed electorate we have here. The guy was only caught on camera stuffing his pockets - it ain't like there was any proof! LOL!!!

The progressive democrats will vote for any fools including criminals (Buonomo), wierdos (Carl), and prima donnas (Jehlen). I love MA - our politicians corrupt, greedy and stupid, but we still vote for them! 80% of you fools will vote for Barry in the presidential election - without realizing he has been in office a total of 143 days. Remember we're the smarts ones; we live in a blue state and all the red staters are the dumb ones clinging to their guns & religion. LOL!

Yes, what about O'D?

Yes, what about the Probate contest? I have been searching for any word about it on all different sites and cannot find anything!!!

On Broadway

somerville gal, that's only the Somerville precincts. Carl won by a lot more when you take into account Medford as well.


The City's website has the unofficial reults posted. However, it does not specify who got how many write-ins in the races where there were candidates who had made known their organized write-in efforts.

I have only to assume that Sean O'Donovan received the needed 1000 write-ins on the Working Family Party ballots in order to appear on the November ballot (there are 640 or so write-ins indicated on the City's page for WFP's Register of Probate--presumedly the overwhelming majority of these are for O'Donovan.

Is he abandoning the WFP candidacy attempt in order to pursue the Democratic County Caucus nomination?

The Animal

O'Donovan was on the WFP ballot so it wouldn't have been a write-in there but on the Democrat ballot. The problem was I think that many did not take the WFP ballot as you had to vote just that party which had few, perhaps only O'D on the ballot. I hope O'D is supported locally whichever way he proceeds.

Newman sucks

and Newman we know who you won't be supporting, O'D - you made that clear when you were whining at the polls about not being able to properly affix a sticker and then dimed out some poor lady who thought you were looking for an O'D sticker. You set that poor woman up so you could get a little attention. Didn't your Mommy love you Newman?

Ron Newman

Imux will blame everything and anything on "Progressive Democrats". To the extent progressives were paying attention to the Register of Probate race at all, most of them probably cast write-ins, whether for Concannon or O'Donovan or someone else.

But for an office with little visibility and not much campaigning, a name on the ballot will usually beat write-ins.

Ron Newman

Poll workers aren't allowed to offer stickers to voters. How would you feel if a poll worker in Ward 7 was handing out Sciortino stickers?

I'm also curious what happened in the WFP primary. 640 votes in Somerville is an impressive showing, given that O'Donovan had to persuade voters to take a minor-party ballot. But did he campaign significantly outside Somerville? He would need 360 more votes from other cities and towns to qualify as a WFP candidate.

Ron Newman

The Animal: O'Donovan was not on the WFP ballot. To vote for O'Donovan there, you would need to write his name in or use a sticker, same as on the Democratic ballot.


"O'Donovan was on the WFP ballot so it wouldn't have been a write-in there but on the Democrat ballot"

He wasn't printed on the WFP primary ballot--at least not the ones we handed out at 3-1. There were no candidates printed on those ballots... only spaces for write-ins for each of the offices. Likewise for the Green-Rainbow.

Why I raise the question is because a candidate cannot run for the same office under two different parties in the General Election. Thus, if Sean were to receive the nomination in caucus of the Democratic Party, which he very well may, he would then have to decline (I suppose) the WFP write-in nomination.


Steve Chapman

Ron Newman said "a poll worker in Ward 7 was handing out Sciortino stickers..."

So that's how Carl won.


"dimed out some poor lady"?
you got to be shittin me Imux. that poor lady was a Curtatone/Koty/O'Donovan hack and she knew exactly what she was doing.

Newman for Register of Probate.

Ron Newman

Steve Chapman: I didn't say that, and you know I didn't say that.

Regarding Register of Probate: I ran into Jack Connolly at Mr. Crepe this morning, and he told me that the county-wide caucus to select a new Democratic candidate will take place next Wednesday at 6:30 pm at Waltham High School.

Newman sucks?

Fair enough Newman and thanks for the clarification on the WFP. I had a woman from the prince's campaign stick her head in my open passenger window and asked me if I had voted yet with sticker in hand. I didn't call the authorities and yes I know there is a distinction but wouldn't it been easier to simply decline her offer. You don't think she was confused at what you wanted? and how the hell were you incapable of affixing a sticker? If no stickers were to be handed out by any of the campaigns and I understand your point then why were you asking for a new sticker from the poll workers? Would it have been ok if you had received the "right" sticker? Please clarify.

Ron Newman

The difference is that you weren't inside a polling place. And yes, I would have objected to anyone inside a polling place offering me a sticker for any candidate.

I wasn't incapable of affixing the sticker, but the glue on the home-made sticker wasn't good enough to properly stick. I asked what to do about this. I ended up getting some tape and taping it to the ballot.

What happened?

O'Donovan was NOT on the WFP ballot. It was unfair to all those who changed their party for him and were not considered when voting.

Ron Newman

I don't know what was "unfair". If you wanted to vote for O'Donovan on the WFP ballot, you used a sticker or write-in. Same as if you wanted to vote for him on the Democratic ballot.

Newman sucks?

Did Newman say he took a crap on Jack Connolly this morning? Newman behave yourself and get a glue stick for your next flamimg liberal write in.


Ron, give it up. You're talking to O'Donovan supporters.

What's the difference between Stickers Sciortino supporters and Stickers O'Donovan supporters?

The Sciortino supporters knew how to use the stickers.

The Sciortino


John "PENNIES" Bunomo is a THief caught on tape....How revolting that such a loser like "Pennies" is from somerville and portrays such a negative image of the Somerville pol.......A true representation of the quality and character of many former pols from the VILLE....such as vinny "GREASEBALL" PIRO, LARRY "FATBOY" Bretta, Jackie "POCKETS" Havigan ( IS it true that Jackie built his house in Rockport with materials bought with city of somerville funds and shipped to the site with somerville DPW trucks ? any one from back in the day care to comment on that.......we needs to know...too bad for the Trane wreck embarrasing is that bunomo a homo?



In a previous post, you wrote:

"Ward 6's meeting is Monday at 6:30 at Ciampa Manor. We are electing three men and three women to attend the county-wide caucus which will occur two days later."

Why is it in concrete that there will be 3 men and 3 women? What if there are 5 men (or women) who are very committed and only 1 of the opposite sex? What about our transgeneder community?

OK, it's a minor point but it struck me as completely PC without regard to passion, committment or desire to serve. I'm sure you want men and women's views heard but is it necessary to codify it?

My nitpick of the day...and my example of the kind of stuff that makes some of us crazy...

Ron Newman

The gender balance rule applies to every Massachusetts Democratic ward and town committee, not just to Somerville Ward 6. It also applies when selecting delegates to the Democratic State Convention each year.

Ron Newman

I called Secretary Galvin's office this morning and asked whether any write-in candidate had won the WFP primary for Register of Probate. They told me that they cannot release any official results until Monday.

Also, Buonomo still has not withdrawn as of 11 am today. He has until Monday at 5 pm to do so.


So your answers to my question are:

1. We're not the only ones and;
2. Because it's a "rule".

Understandable but not awe-inspiring arguments for the merit or the purpose of the practice...

I'll go back to more pressing matters now.

Have a nice week end.

Newman sucks?

what if I am truly a middle sex - can I break the tie Newman? I hope O'D goes all the way Newman and your pal Prince Carl joins the semenary over in Brighton.

Democrats losing ground

A rule that points out, once again, how insane Democrats, as a party, have become. Imagine electing your party delegates by gender, rather than by something like, oh, I don't know....qualifications, maybe? How stupid to have affirmative action delegates! No wonder the Democratic Party is losing credibility across the country, and more and more people, regardless of how they vote, are registered as 'unenrolled'. This is similar to the Democratic Party Primary process where they refused to have winners and losers, every state was technically a draw, and the candidates split the elected delegates. The primary would have turned out differently had they declared a winner in each state who would have been awarded all of the delegates, rather than having to split them 2, 3, or more ways!

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