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September 18, 2008



Another Somerville hero goes to jail.

sounds familiar

isn't this one of the victims of the 4th of July stabbing?

Highland Ave Guy

He left his cell phone in one of the cars he burned down... That's one shining star of Somerville. Why someone would go to this much trouble to destroy 4 cars and ruin a piece of property is beyond me. So what is that, arson on each car, destruction of property, trespassing, and willfull endangerment?

Somerville Resident

Yes it is the same person that was stabbed at the fireworks. I don't understand the reasoning for all of this. What made him do this. He escaped death only to go to jail??? Where is his head these days?

they need help

This kid was probably drunk or on drugs. Parents get your kids help. They can't do it on thier own. We are losing good kids from good families to the thug lifestyle.

Somerville Resident

As a parent of an addict, it is easier said than done to say "Get your kids help". There aren't enough good programs for drug addicts and if you are a woman, forget it. There are more beds for men than women, about a 5-1 ratio. Don't you think that the parents are trying to get help, the thing is Help Has Got To Be There.


Somerville Resident, I couldn't have said it better myself. And the programs that are available (5-day detox and 30-day inpatient - if you're lucky!) are just revolving doors. Have you ever heard the parent of an addict almost with their kid would get arrested? That's because court-ordered treatment is sometimes better than the alternative. The parents need to start speaking up for treatment alternatives.

Somerville Resident

I've tried to have my child sectioned, didn't work, court release her. That was the hardest thing to ever do, seeing your child arrested and taken to court in handcuffs and shackles. The judge let her go. I have thought it would be best to have her busted, but for a woman its Framingham and their treatment facility is nothing. I have heard horror stories of how the leave the people to detox on their own and some have died. Maybe for men its better, but for women there isn't anything there. I have tried to speak up for alternative but no one is listening.

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