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September 24, 2008


Ron Newman

"one of the three candidates" ? At last count there are at least eleven. Could be a long night in Waltham.

Editors Note (JN): actually, Ron, the running count as of this morning I heard is 14 and by the time it starts tonight could be 20. only 3 people are considered viable though, that i am sure you can agree with.

Joe Lynch

Many thaks to the Somerville News for the plug about tonight's "Somerville Pundit".

But the show starts at 8:00PM, not 8:30.

If I'm lucky, we may even get to announce the winner before the shows end.


Congratulations to Carl!?

It looks like the News has someone new writing this column. I know it is a rumor and gossip column, but I am glad that we are staying away from the petty name calling.

BTW, does anyone know who was chosen as the Somerville delegates to the Democratic caucus? I wonder if they are all on SODs side.

Ron Newman

from the other newspaper's web site:

Attending the caucus from Ward 4 include James McCallum, James Norton, Laurie Foley and Ann Dunbar, said McCallum

Attending the caucus from Ward 6 include Jack Connolly, Brian Brady, Paul Dipasquale, Julie Dipasquale, Marie Connolly, and Elaine O’Callaghan, Connolly said.

Attending the caucus from Ward 7 include Sean Fitzgerald, Mike Buckley, Richard Rossetti, Mary-Jo Rossetti, Anita Harris and Nancy Trane, Rossetti said.

Ward 6 will be backing Sean O'Donovan, the Ward 5 alderman who is seeking the office. McCallum and Rossetti both said they personally will be voting for O'Donovan, but could not speak for other ward members.

(The other four wards met last night and aren't yet reported in the newspaper article. I ran for a Ward 6 delegate seat but was not elected.)


Maybe you should post this disclaimer at the top of Newstalk every week.

"By the way for those that don’t get it, this is a rumor column with gossip from around the city - maybe it’s true or not - we leave that up to the readers. Newstalk has been a separate part of the paper that now has over 28 Newstalkers from around the city. And it’s growing all the time. The stories written in the news are just those stories without comment, from the writer, but in Newstalk it’s gossip and rumors."

Courtney O'Keefe

"By the way for those that don’t get it, this is a rumor column with gossip from around the city - maybe it’s true or not - we leave that up to the readers."

Are there really people who don't realize it's the rumor mill section of the newspaper?

Editor's Note (JN): Courtney, you wouldn't believe how many people still just don't get it. From the old school to the PDSers, from the whacked out liberals to even a couple of nitwits that are/have been associated with our newspaper. It's general stupidity and ignorance that drives me mental, and there's still plenty of it going around in all corners of the city - how depressing. JN


Maybe "Not Another Somerville Alderman" is a little tough on us, but given our track record, think Antonelli, think ... well, you get my drift. Somerville, perhaps, has a slight public relations problem - and this was true even before last Wednesday night's performance by certain SOD supporters.

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