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September 17, 2008


Election Law

When election irregularities occur, and it happens often, a video is helpful but the police officer on duty should be alerted to enforce the law. It's happened a lot in recent elections, and it seems to be more of a problem with progressives and their supporters.


Everyone is upset about TB ?? That statement is pure fiction right there. The only people that are upset are the ones that trusted him. This is what happens when power goes to ones head.


TB might be liked by bosses, but not his workers. Two Faced TB will give you 30 hours OT if he likes you, or screw you if he doesnt. Also....TB and his 2 sons little T, and B were caught cleaning house in the yard! Taking everything that wasnt nailed down! Looked like they thought they hit the jackpot when daddy let them in the yard for free gas and lots of goodies... Until of course they were caught red handed. But thats not a rumor, those are FACTS!! Cameras dont lie. You think he would have learned since his kid just got charged with counts of armed robbery.
Hey Boss Hog, do you still wish you had 10 more TB's?



How about our old friend NEWMAN crying about being handed an O'Donovan sticker after he apparently was unable to affix a write in sticker for Pol Pot. This guy Newman makes me sick!



MCI Concord announced today that it has adopted a new plan to help alleviate the tax burden on the citizens of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. MCI Concord in conjunction with Main Street Variety of Medford is now selling advertising space within the confines of the jail.

A 2nd tier cell has been reserved today for TB, his 2 sons, former register of probate JB and a person to be named later. We here at MCI Concord would like to thank the good people of Uhaul, Budweiser, Master Lock, Cannon Copier, Minichiello brothers scrap metal company, Polaroid CCTV, 1-800 Cobblestones and the makers of Lexus automobiles for their generosity and efforts in making this happen.

Hope you enjoy yourselves in there boys. We’ll see you in 10 years or so. RRRRRRRRRRoger!


Bonjour - poll workers breaking the law and handing out Od stickers in the polling place make me even sicker.

somerville resident

I have a question. Why is it that "they" seem to be coming down on TB hard, and yet Torpedo Lady has been and still continues to pull crap and nothing ever happens to her? When things don't go her way, she either goes out on comp (with some mysterious work accident) or claims discrimination because she is a woman (and I use that term loosley).

Back to TB. "People" should remember just how much good TB has done for this city. Whenever TB's phone rang, whether it was the Mayor, his assistant, one of the aldermen, his supervisors, or whoever, (and it didn't matter whether it was during work hours, 6PM or 3AM), he was available to take care/charge of whatever the situation was. TB has been with the city for a lot of years, and he got to where he is today because of his good work ethics.
But no, people never remember the good stuff, they just like to dwell on the "crap". I don't know, did maybe TB "piss" someone off and this is their way of "getting even"? Whoever is trying to "run" TB "out of town", should maybe look in their own closets. Remember that old saying, "People in glass houses, shouldn't throw stones"!

To: ByeByeTB-- who are you to say that "he might be liked by his bosses but not his workers"? Sounds to me that you are a disgruntled worker, you should have been man enough to talk with TB face to face about whatever is bothering you, instead of sending a slandering comment. But wait, did I use the word "man" referring to you, my mistake, I should have used sniveling little coward!

TB, I wish you the best, as do all of your true friends.


TB was always there whenever needed? For the city? Nope. For himself and his overtime laden $130,000 a year salary? Yep. This kid ran his operation like Hitler. If you kissed his arse he doled out the OT to you, if you didn't obey, you got nothing. He treated the position as if he was the MAN, and untouchable. He treated his office and the rest of the DPW yard as if it was his own private Never-Never-Land, complete with booze,cigars,rented women and anything else he could use it for his own personal pleasures.
You think this guy is innocent? That's your opinion. But the truth will come out and the cameras don't lie. What else will come out of the tapes that the State and local authorities have? This is gonna get very interesting. Sit back. Grab some popcorn and a beer from the Highway Department stocked fridge and just watch.

Dont make me laugh

So TB is good at what he does. We should all just ignore the illegal things he does and did? Is that what you are saying?

TB and ethics in the same sentence? Don't make me laugh! The camera doesnt lie!


Are there any conservative democrats left in West Somerville? Or have we been steamrolled by the crazy liberal's who only care about their own agenda, the gay agenda. Is everyone too afraid to speak about what has happened to this Ward 6 & 7? When the Italians and Irish working families made up the majority of our city, did we put up dividers? No, we learned to work together. Why must the G & L community feel they can take over our section of the city as if it were their own? A neighborhood belongs to the diverse people who live there--I don't want my neighborhood to look like Brattle Street, Cambridge, but slowly that is what it is becoming. Families who live here--- don't sell out to the highest bidder! Hang on to what your grandparents and parents worked so hard to keep! Maybe it's a blessing our home values have shifted. I'd rather they remain moderate in price. At least it will keep the arrogant self-serving elitists out! Go back to your suburbs where you have always bad mouthed those of us who live in the city. Education, family wealth and being a liberal, means nothing if you cannot live among those who actually worked hard to keep their homesteads. You won't find any silver spoons here. What gives you the right to move here and continually demand things from our politicians? You want something, pay for it yourself. We like our city just how it is, we don't want another Richistan takeover.

former resident

Wow, $130,000.00 a year, and probably a pension, right? TB really screwed up...

Give Tommy a Break

TB is one of the most responsive people that works for the city. I'm not a fan of his, but he earns his money everyday. If there were really anything to this story then he and his kids would have been arrested, and they haven't been.

Whatever happened, I have no doubt that TB didn't do anything illegal.


somervillegal, there are some of us conservative democrats left, but the progressives have a machine that they use to get out the votes. Plus, most people who vote for the progressives live off of our taxes, so they don't work. They have plenty of time to feed off the public teet and elect their candidates.

Bob wasn't a bad candidate, but no moderate democrat will win a democratic primary in these wards now. The progressives will always be able to get enough of their unusal votes (GLBT, illegals, criminals and the recently deceased) counted to win. Bob should have run as an independent or republican - avoided the democratic primary - and then whipped Carl in the general election. Bob would have been able to get the moderate democrats, independents and republicans - instead of just counting on democrats (the democratic party around here is the marxist party now).

Something has to change, but too many people around here still vote democratic because their daddy's voted democratic. NEWSFLASH: The freaks running the democratic party around here now ain't your daddy's democrats. These fools are socialists and wanna-be communists.

Hey Ron, you drop a dime on anyone else this week?


somervillegal: you are very bitter, why? How have we "elitists" hurt you personally? Because we want cleaner streets? Because we want better schools? Because we want lower crime? Because we want more commercial development to help lower taxes for residents? Wow, I didn't know those things were self-serving.

For your information, many (most?) of the people that "sell out to the highest bidder" are LANDLORDS that want to turn an even bigger profit than they have been. Many of the people being pushed out did not own their homes. They rented, so they have no say in the matter. Sad, but true.

Some of my neighbors are "old timers", and have managed to stay because they OWN their home. I like that. I don't want them to move. If they rented, I would feel bad for them being pushed out, but it would just be too bad. Owning a home is hard and risky, but it has its advantages... which are showing up now in Somerville.

I have an education, but no family wealth... and guess what, it DOES mean something. My own hard work, and the hard work of my parents to provide an environment where education mattered, allowed me to PAY for what I wanted MYSELF. No handouts from ANYONE. My family couldn't have helped, even if they wanted to. I haven't asked for silver spoons from the city, like rent control or affordable housing. I wanted to live in Somerville, so I bit the bullet and payed the outrageous price for my home. It was a risk. Prices did go down slightly, but to me, it's all worth it. I'm less likely to be pushed out if the market goes crazy again.

So before you go on preaching about "self-serving elitists", know what you are talking about first. You are the one that sounds self serving, by saying that "you like the city the way it is" and calling Somerville's politicians "your politicians". By asking Somerville's politicians to put a stop to rising prices and for "elitists" from taking over, you are being self serving and you are the one asking for a silver spoon.


somebody, the issue is that the average "progressive" acts as an elitist and - it appears - they do not share the same values as the rest of us. Carl is a perfect example; here is a guy who gets relected (how he did it is still beyond me) and the first thing out of his piehole is that his biggest priorities include giving trannies special rights.

No one wants to bash or harrass the GLBT community, but shouldn't our state rep have bigger priorities? That is just one example. Others include the whole condo conversion rule that Carl/Rebeccah are pushing that would force us homeowners into paying relocation costs for our tenants! No one in their right mind likes that condo rule, but the progressives will still jam it through.

Who are these progressives and how can we get rid of them?


Somebody, great description of what is going on as well as adding your personal story.

I have a similar background I am a child of immigrants who lived in Somerville, I grew up in with a typical immigrant mentality about hard work and the value of education. I bought my house a few years back and have made it my home. I have worked day and night fixing up a house that had not been changed since my dad got off his boat and moved here. I am helping to make this town a better place to live.

I am young (<30), very successful in my career I don't have kids and likely never will because I'm a gay man and, well, having a child is a little more difficult for people like me. Based on my income I pay more into the system for the education and services then most families.

Some how, people like me and my ilk are what is bad for this city. My morals, attitude and behavior are all things I am proud of. I want Somerville to continue to grow towards being a clean, diverse, safe community that embraces families and ensures that they have every service needed in order to be successful. These were the trends that drew me to move and then buy a house in this city.

I have to believe that a lot of people that are moving to the city (families, single parents, students, gays and others) because they like the direction it is moving. People want a family and neighborhood oriented "old Somerville" and the young, dynamic, diverse and up and coming "New Somerville"

For better or worse I, and others like me will continue to move to Somerville and mold it into the city we want it to be. I hope 20 years from now I am not just complaining about the way things are but working with people to make them better.


Imux: I consider myself a progressive, but sometimes naming groups becomes fuzzy. In my mind, a progressive is someone who welcomes change. But that doesn't mean that they have to welcome all changes. I agree that Carl & Rebeccah have an altered sense of reality. I didn't vote for them. The condo conversion rules they want are just plain dumb and could ruin the real estate of Somerville. I usually don't like calling ideas dumb, but I can't come up with a better word. If you have any realistic notion of how things works, you will quickly realize that those ideas just do not make sense. To people who fall into the protected group, the ideas may seem advantageous to you, but they are not. The result will be that landlords will simply choose not to rent to you. So there will be even less "affordable housing" for the protected group.

About the special privileges for GLBT society, I don't know much about those, so I can't comment much on that topic. I believe that we all should have the same rights, but when you start providing special privileges for a certain group, then you've overstepped the boundary.

But I agree on the overall message that these politicians in particular are wasting money and time on frivolous things. Somerville has much more important issues to solve. Frivolous issues are what you work on when you have a homogeneous, wealthy, no crime town like Winchester. Somerville is not that way, but maybe in their bubble they think it is??


Somebody touches on a point which is worth repeating. I have a message for “Old Time Somerville” moaning about the yuppies. You can't have it both ways. If you take any neighborhood in any city, it could improve or it could go downhill. There are no guarantees. The pendulum swings both ways,

If you OWN you couldn't have been kicked out by a landlord. Those that buy houses take a risk....and you have heard the expression "no risk, no reward." If you take a risk in buying, then if the nabe starts going south you are stuck in the area in negative equity or u have to sell at a loss. The renter sees the nabe going south and hands in his 30 day notice and leaves. It seems that you guys want all the upside of renting i.e. flexibility, but none of the downside i.e. landlord jacks the rent and you have to leave. You are trying to have your cake and eat it. Believe me, there are plenty of people in this country who bought houses in safe decent neighborhoods only to see their investment go down the drain as the area went south...I can give you a few examples that I know: Port Richmond, Staten Island; parts of Dorchester; Bushwick, NY; You have to accept that areas change. That's life. Did you know that lovely Back Bay with its expensive brownstones was once a rundown area with junkies and prostitution??? Hard to believe.

It's very easy to come in AFTER gentrification has taken place and argue that you should have the right to enjoy the benefits of the new Somerville when you or your family did not take a chance on buying a house in Somerville when you could have bought one for $30,000. You chose not to buy when Somerville was very affordable. Tough.

The fact is that home owner of mid to high incomes bring in more property tax revenue. More revenue means better schools, better roads, more business subsidies, etc. Homeowners take pride in their property, they keep it clean, they protect it, and they expect other homeowners to do the same.

If you are living in Somerville and you can't afford the rent, then there are other issues involved. We all have choices, you can complain about the folks on the "other side of the fence" or you can work hard, make a difference, have some goddamn pride in yourself so you too can make it to the "otherside of the fence". Why is the answer, always socialist, class war envy like this ridiculous condo ordiancne which is simply naked redistriubution of income.

BTw, Certainly, the four morons who twice throw rocks at my head from a moving car while I was out jogging were not yuppies.


JPM, why do you insist that people who grew up here are renters? Most of us own. And most of the progressive/yuppies that I know rent. If you buy and are "invested/active" in the city then I don't know of anyone who would be hostile to you. New blood is good for an area.

The hostility isn't that new people want to come here and own here; it is that a large percentage of the people that come here (many renters) want to shove their little bohemian lifestyle wetdreams down the rest of our throats. They want to impose their sick & twisted ultraleft, Godless, moral-less, marxist, traitorous, GLBT-luving, illegal-luving society on us. I don't know how they (Carl/Rebeccah/Pat and the other PDS imbeciles) pulled it off, but the area has changed into freakazoid-ville and most of us aren't overjoyed with the change.

On the "rocks at head" thing... join a gym.


JPM: I have heard that Back Bay wasn't always as nice as it is now, but I didn't know it was that run down. What time period was that? 70s?


Imux, the joy about owning your home is you now get to enjoy the inflated value of that property when you leave the area of the city you no longer want to live in.


"most of us aren't overjoyed with the change."

I don't know Imux, but from the results in recent elections, it looks like most of "us" are happy with the change!

Ron Newman

Back Bay was somewhat less fancy in the 1970s (when I lived there as a student) but I'd hardly characterize it as a "rundown area with junkies and prostitution". It was somewhat more 'student ghetto' than it is today.

Thank God

Tb is getting what should have been coming awhile ago. He is stealing scraps with his son that is out on bail for armed robbery. he is not a role model and should lose his job and pension.

former resident

Do we know for sure TB's kids were involved? Have there been any arrests? Why is it so hush hush? You would think it would be in the newspaper...

Give Tommy a Break

Hey Thank God,
His kid is a punk. We all know that. I don't see where TB has done anything that hasn't been common practice at the DPW for years. Scraps?! Scraps!? Is that all you have to hang your hat on? Scraps by definition is trash that eeds to be thrown out. If somebody wants to take the time to make a few dollars on stuff that is about to be thrown out, and then share that money with the people that work in the DPW, then God bless him.

As for your wish that he lose his job AND his pension, I find it disturbing to say the least. Even if he did something wrong (and that hasn't been shown to be the case) he shouldn't lose everything because of it. He should be reprimanded like the rest of us who do something wrong in our lives. And God knows, we ALL make mistakes.

I think you're an evil little person who will get your come-uppance some day. When you do, I'll still argue that you shoudln't lose everything because of it.

Where oh where are all of TB's friends now? They should be flooding this site and the Mayor's office with stories of all the good things he has done over the years. Pick up the keyboard then pick up the phone and tell people all of the good that TB has done.

Drown out the small jealous people like Thank God.

P.S. Thank God, I don't think God would like you using his/her name while you try to destroy someoe's life.

Dont make me laugh

To: Give Tommy a Break



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