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September 10, 2008



Congratulations. I've been undecided about this election, but you pushed me over the top. I'm voting for Carl mostly because The Somerville News has been so incredibly obnoxious and sophomoric in their support of Bob Trane. So you just cost your buddy 2 votes (mine and my wife's).

I've been waiting for a month to hear something substantive about what Bob Trane would do differently than Carl and all I hear time and again is some crap about out of district people. A nice little diversion, I suppose, but nothing of any real substance.

Thanks for helping me out, SN!


You know, if you don't count Trane's 16 grand contribution to his campaign, looks like Bob took in at least 60% of his funds from outside the district. The Trane campaign shouldn't exactly be throwing stones here. $4500 that can be tied back to his brother's telecom firm doesn't smell so good, either.

And the Ward 1 Democratic committee endorsed Trane? To quote another poster, "LOLOLOLOLOL".
Talk about outside the district.

Ron Newman

If she sponsored the resolution, and the resolution passed, what else was Pat Jehlen supposed to do? I just got her e-mail newsletter, which asks people to attend both the dedication and the walk, a few blocks from each other in Winchester.

Here's the part about the dedication:

Saturday: Shannon Beach Dedication 10 am

September 13 will be a busy morning. At 10 am, I'll be joining Sen. Charlie Shannon's family and Sec. Sullivan of the Dept. of Conservation and Recreation in dedicating the Charlie Shannon Memorial Beach at Sandy Beach in Winchester. This is an appropriate recognition for my predecessor, who loved the outdoors and worked to increase recreational opportunities for children and youth. All are welcome.


The party for Phip is not a surprise. He is throwing the party for himself. He has been giving out invitations since early summer. How pathetic is that! Im not going to the party but for those who are, I suggest giving him a bar of soap. He really needs it. If you give him anything else, he will sell it at his weekly yard sale.


Definition of a hack?

Going over Bob's contributions from outside the district, it turns out he has accepted $300 from someone who works as a mail clerk.

For the Massachusetts House of Representatives.

At the State House.

Aside from the fact that a lowly mail clerk has made 91 contributions totalling $11,085 to a wide assortment of Democratic candidates since 2002; doesn't this smell a little, um, odd?

I submit to you that if the shoe was on the other foot here - if papers had gone missing from Bob Trane's State House office, and Sciortino accepted money from a mail clerk working in the same building, the News would be all over this like flies on a big pile of crap.

May I assume the News will be taking the same approach here, and find out what's going on here? Because it's really starting to smell bad around here, Bob.


It is primarily from reading this column that I have made my decision to vote for Carl Sciortino. Thank you for making it so clear that Bob Trane has nothing going for him other than a dislike of Sciortino, and a following among those willing to listen to his baseless attacks.

Primary Day

Well, from my experience the PDSers have a history of ignoring the 150 foot rule. Anyone who sees a violation should alert the police officer on duty (you may find him/her inside the polling place). Also, no politicial signs or paraphenalia can be within 150 feet - that includes brochures, buttons, stickers, etc. I've seen supporters/voters casually gather near the polling place entrance, wearing Tshirts or buttons on their clothing. They've even placed bumper stickers on the back of baby strollers and tried to maneuver it near the door. Also, make sure that poll workers are vigilant about removing any stickers left behind by voters. If you're handed a sticker on the way in and don't use it you might leave it in the booth - this is also a no-no. Be ever vigilant!
I'm still confused about Sean O'Donovan's run. If you're unenrolled must you take a Working Family ballot, or can you write his name on a democratic or republican ballot?

Ron Newman

You can write Sean's name on any party's ballot. But for him to win the primary, he has to (a) get at least 1000 votes, and (b) get more votes than any other candidate in the same party.

Tired of Somerville Progessives! Vote Blank is Better!

Wow! I remember the good ole election that Carl Beat Vincent Ciampa! I saw tons of people everywhere! Too bad Carl had to import them all from everywhere but Somerville and Medford! A perfect definition of "Special Interest Groups!" I remember when Sen Jehlen sent out a email memo about a month and a half ago trying to get her crowd to support some hack from Washington State! Shamefully!! Now is that how it works? Will the hack from Washington state be part of the "Special Interest circus of clowns that will be in town holding signs and ringing doorbells for Carl? Senator Jehlen, Carl Stickers, Pudgy Provost and Rebecca Riding hood the tree hugger, SHAME on you all! You all Casting your vote for Snowflake!

Somerville n00b

I'll vote for Carl, though I don't know much about him. Mostly because the other guy is running on a platform that is based on intolerance and he looks kinda deranged.

Somerville n00b

Oh, those poor real estate agencies in Somerville going out of business. What a tragedy. Now there won't be anybody competing with ERA! :)


Carl doesn't know where Teele square is. All of his efforts have been to support his special interest groups (GLT), and PDS buddies.

A vote for Carl is a vote for more progressive wasted money.


I went to the state web site and took a look at both candidates fiance reports. First thing is that so called clerk from the state house that gave Trane money actually lives in the district.

Carls report is very interesting. He took in a huge amount of money from all over the state and country. Some of the names I recall from my days working on the hill. All of them worked for various special interests groups.

One name on Carls list that I googled brought up a man that is a porn producer. Now thats my kind of donor. I hope he a few hot dvd's tossed in with the loot.

Lars Homoheimer

I used to be involved with PDS and let me tell you this, they import people from all over the country. Take me for example, I am from Colombus Ohio and specifically came to Mass to help out progressive campaigns. I eventually got out of that movement because it became apparent these people hated working class people with a passion. All they care about are trendy hipster types, and they do more for their pet causes then they do anything else.


Somerguy - the clerk resides in Donato's district.

He's not listed as a clerk on Trane's report, but if you search by contributor for the clerk's name, the $250 he gave to Buonomo back in May clearly lists his occupation as "Mail Clerk - House of Reps."

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