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September 20, 2008


jim you're a fake

noone really cares what you have to say...i surely don't

mike bonanno

Its a whole different world living in the woods. The boys will get use to it. I bet it brings back memories of Adams Pond and Wild Goose. Millions and millions of stars. Come and visit us in the middle of the woods. We're near Loon and we are open all year, we never close.


The above poster is no doubt right when he/she states he/she doesn't care; of course he/she speaks for him/her self. But when he/she says "noone really cares"...he/she is wrong and certainly has no right to speak for others.

BTW, Jimmy---caught a replay of your initial (new) show "Serious Somerville" on local cable.
Good show! Good job! Interesting guests!
Will look forward to viewing more of your shows.

A rep from Inspectional Services, Traffic & Parking, Fire Department, Police Department, City Hall Departments,School Department,a High School student,a local pol, might make interesting guests; in keeping with the title of your show.

Ville Lifer

Alas,I have been found out!! Yes I am a fake!! I have been faking my way through my entire life. You must be a genius to have discovered my secret.And , it's also true, that no one cares what I have to say. Thank you for reading my article to make the decision that noone cares what I have to say. You know what?? I really don't care what I have to say either !! My ex-wife didn't care what I had to say, my ex-bosses did'nt care , and my kids dont care !!!! The only thing I care about , really, is whats on TV and whats for supper.!!! Signed Silly Jimmy

A former Troop 71 Eagle Scout

Hey Jimmy,
Pay no attention to that 'no one cares' person. The outdoors were great for us 'ville' kids.

I remember the days too at Wild Goose and Adams Pond too. (around the time when Mike B. was there. Mike taught me some of the ropes and it was greatly appreciated!) Lots of great mememories.

Go figure survival in the 'ville' at Bay State Ave and Powderhouse Park and survival in the woods at summer camp. It can't get any better.

Keep up the great writing.

jim you're a fake

Jim...I have to laugh as I'm reading your comment back...I'm sure there was a lot of stamping your feet and swearing at the computer as you were typing it. I know you to well!!!


It sounds like someone is a little jealous of Jimmy. Keep it up Jim! I love your pieces. I just want to ask, even though leaving the city for an adventure in the woods is always exciting do you ever feel a sense of relief when returning back to the city and "civilization" as I like to call it? I always get a lot more comfortable once I am south of 128.

Ville Lifer

I didn't STAMP my feet or swear. Actually I only do that when The Pats lose or in traffic.I just write the stuff, and you have the choice to read it or not. I try to live as calmly as I can.This article is not the most important thing in my life. The money is great though!!( ha ha ) I'm just tring to live a life!!. So excuse me ,I have to walk the dog, then take my kids to school. And I will try to do it without FAKING !! okay



When I was at Troop 703 (St. Catherine's) and later Troop 14 (Congregational Church) we used to go to Breakheart Reservation and Camp Sayer. I'd heard of Adams Pond but never went there. We were part of the Aurora District-Boston Council, BSA.

Among the more memorable Scoutmasters I had was Bill McCormack--"MISTER McCormack to YOU pallie!"

Mr. McCormack and his wife had, at the time, 6 boys. The 8 of them lived in the top floor of the house on the westerly corner of Belmont St. and Highland Ave. I believe there were 4 rooms total-- maybe 5. Despite this, we used to hold patrol meetings and other gatherings there. This goes back to 1970-'71.

I'm sure that among the readership here could be found more than a couple of stories about Bill; Speaking for myself, I can only say that he demanded a lot, but he DID a lot too. Actually, that is probably the understatement of the year. The man never stopped working!

The McCormacks never owned an automobile. To get to the weekend campouts he would tirelessly enlist the services of the other fathers in the Troop. Seldom did any of them not help out. He coordinated carwashes, bake sales, candy drives... you-name-it. Anything to raise money for the Troop.

Mr. McCormack passed away several years back. I regret that I didn't learn of his passing until after the wake and funeral, but am forever grateful that our paths crossed. Moreso that I had the chance a couple of years before he passed to call him and thank him for everything he did for us kids. He was just retired at that time and living with one of his sons up in New Hampshire.

Thanks again for penning your memories. When you mention camping and scouts, the first person that comes to mind for me is Mr. McCormack. I learned a lot about the meaning of volunteeris--and a lot of other things as well--from him.



Hi Jim:

I think your blogs are fabulously funny and entertaining. I come from another part of the country but I am connected to the Boston area for a number of reasons.

I knew Joe when he was in NY, we worked together. I loved him from the day I met him, what a great guy. I met you once in NY at the memorial before your first son was born but with so many people there I doubt if you would remember me.

Have been up in Somerville recently and actually drove around the town and saw so many of the places you write about. I read everyone of your blogs and always look forward to the next one. This is my first time commenting and since I am not from Somerville I can’t share in any of the memories.

Keep up the great job you are doing of entertaining us. You sound like a great dad who actually takes the time to have fun with his kids.


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