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September 17, 2008



It's probably some of Matt McLauglin's friends thinking they would burn a yuppie's car or 2.


That is an awfully libelous statement statement there, JPM. You must know Matt personally. Of course, if you knew him, you wouldn't say that. You should meet the McLaughlin's and the people who work with them and you would have a very different opinion. Unless, of course, you're just a jerk sitting behind a laptop.

Somerville Resident

I am so sick and tired of people trashing the McGlaughlins. They are trying to do some good for the youth of Somerville. I know that they have personally helped my son. He thinks the world of them. I wish that people would do their research first and the use their mouths.

Ron Newman

JPM, your comment is totally out of line. I sometimes wonder why this newspaper bothers to moderate blog comments if it's going to let people say things like that.

James Norton

Are you people mental or something? I didn't like JPM's comment either, but, will you people get some thicker skin? I can't stand some of you - clearly JPM was just being a smart ass and nothing more.

Jesus you people need some help - if Matt or his brothers thought there was serious accusations or implications behind some jerkoff taking a shot at them on a webblog, one would think Matt would just pick up a phone and call - since he writes for our newspaper. Yikes.

Also, not for nothing, but just because you don't like some random shot on a weblog somewhere doesn't mean its libelous - everyone wants to be a lawyer or a political strategist - grow up, all of you.



Actually, I did not find JPM's comment that bad. I mean, not worse than the tone Matt often uses when he talks about "yuppies". Let's face it, the difference is only that JPM mentions Matt by name, whereas Matt talks about yuppies in general ('cuz they are all the same, a bunch of heartless people). But what JPM expressed went through my mind as well. It may even be true.


Still, the original comment was somewhat prescient to a degree (amidst all the smartassery).


It is not be libel it would have to name a person If I said "Mr. X burned the car" when I knew it was untrue that would be libel......saying it was "some frieds" of Matt is not libel. It was a smartass comment though.

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