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September 08, 2008


The Patriot

There is the scent of a plea bargain in the air.


Are you kidding me? 12 hours and nobody said what a piece of crap he is and always was?
The epitomy of corruption.

Everyone moves up

So lets see, this clears the way for Pat Jehlen to get appointed by her good friend the governor to this seat. She will then be the incumbent and will have her name on the ballot in November as a Democrat. She'll win, then resign her seat on the senate and endorse Denise Provos for that seat. Denise will win that seat and will clear the state reps seat for Rebeccah who will win and hold both that seat and the Ward 6 seat appointing Ron Newman as her office aid. Now more than ever we NEED BOB TRANE at the State House! He's our only hope!

Ron Newman

If Buonomo wins the primary but then declines the nomination, a caucus of every Middlesex County Democratic town and ward committee will determine the new Democratic nominee.

on this situation even though JB was ripping off his side of the building. I guess keeping your mouth shut keeps from attracting attention.

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