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September 28, 2008



Having published/edited/promoted Biker Poets since early 1980s, and being included in Rubber Side Down myself, I think I am qualified to say this article, while interesting, is not quite accurate historically. The Highway Poets MCc was founded by K. Peddlar Bridges and Colorado T. Sky. Rubber Side Down was Edited by Joe Go, but the title Submissions Editor belongs to K. Peddlar Bridges. The Associate Editor, Susan Buck, came on board after the original galley (which I have a copy of) and the original cover (which I have a copy of) were already made. I have volumes of newspaper articles, news releases, promotional material and published work of K. Peddlar Bridges, as he is, and always has been the generator that pushed the Biker Poets out of their closets into the community. I have records of Colorado T. Sky that date back to the early eighties as well. Both Peddlar and Sky have put Biker Poets on stage, on the web and in print, and with collaboration with Joe Go, Rubber Side Down has brought together Biker Poets from around the world. The Holy Ranger was the first to bring Biker Poetry to National attention when he was appointed Harley-Davidson's Poet Laureate. The IronHorseWriter has been bringing Biker Poetry from the Pacific West to Connecticut Cruise News readers, as has, Peddlar from New England, through the Poets' Corner where Publisher Don Clady gives 5-6 pages of ink to Biker Poets monthly. Sorez the Scribe is now manning the post as Associate Columnist for Poets Corner and will continue to showcase Biker Poets and their work. Chopper Kate is an Associate Columnist who covers the column twice a year from the Mid West. Chopper Kate is the newly appointed Biker Poet Laureate of the Mid-West. J.Barrett Wolf has been appointed the National Biker Poet Laureate. So, while leaving out many, I hope I have brought to the readers attention that Biker Poetry encompasses a wide spectrum of the Biker Community and there without each and everyone, Rubber Side Down would not have happened. There are many non-Biker Poets who have supported Bikers and their art/poetry over the years by providing publications (Leo Castell of The Motorcyclists Post), cyber publishings (such as, readings, hard copy and promoted events for Biker Poetry readings, but the entire poetry community at large has always generously hosted and welcomed Biker Poets to contribute and take part in their venues. Rubber Side Down is an important collection, a celebration for many, but it is after all, just a small part of a whole. --MarySusan Williams-Migneault of RoadHousePress.

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