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September 07, 2008


Some Ole Villen

Great article and very informative about our football team. Our hard working athletes deserve the recognition. Please don't forget our boys and girls soccer, cross country, volleyball,golf and any other sport our kids are involved with. I am very interested to read about our teams. Keep up the good work.


Yes our hardworking athletes do deserve recognition. Not some of them, all of them. What is the team PHILOSOPHY?
What about the REST of the returning seniors??? WHY aren't they listed here? Every single Senior should be named in this article. They have put in their time and deserve to be recognized.What about the kids that showed up EVERY DAY in the Summer in that sweltering pig stye you call a weight room?? What should we list them under?? How about TEAM PLAYERS??
What about DUVI and JOEY and ERIC??? DEDICATED?? They are the EPITOME of DEDICATION. ALWAYS in the weight room, ALWAYS smiling, ALWAYS helping out wherever and whenever they could!! What about the SENIORS not listed here who contributed to the COMMUNITY?? Where are their names?? Winning or losing should be SECONDARY!! TEAM MORALE is what you should care about. How about building a players confidence? Why don't you try out that PHILOSOPHY "COACH".

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