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August 28, 2008



It's so nice to see that the students have so much empathy for workers from an OUTSOURCED company than trying to help TUFTS WORKERS like all of the people who have direct contact and try to make a students life healthy and happy on a daily basis such as the overworked and underpaid DINING SERVICE WORKERS. The person I know that has worked for TUFTS DINING SERVICES for the past 17 YEARS will make less money and receive less benefits than a janitor who has been employed by this OUTSOURCED company for a year! I am not saying that janitors do not play an important role at the University but I also believe that the people at Dining Services also play an important role in a students everyday life. It's great that the janitors are unionized but the Dining workers are scared to death to even mention unionizing for fear that they too will be outsourced/fired.

I know for a fact that these Dining Service workers care deeply about serving the best and healthiest food allowed by management and take great care to serve thousands of meals on a daily basis.

I just wish the students who were involved with gaining more benefits for an OUTSOURCED company would look inward and help out TUFTS EMPLOYEES that look out for them!


Look, Tufts students don't understand much of anything. Their parents pay for their expenses, they have no clue how the world works.

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