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August 01, 2008



Just sent this to the Speakah. I'm sure he'll be delighted to see Trane's comment.

"His unethical behavior has embarassed the entire House."

Good Luck Bob.

Somerville n00b

In what way unethical? What hidden agenda and conflict of interest does Trane have to be so pushy about casino gambling?


Finally, we've got one defining difference between Trane and Sciortino. Bob looks to have the Foxwoods vote locked up here.

Somerville n00b

Well, Trane genius, prostitution and crack too are coming to Somerville. Actually, they are already here. The state should get its fair share of those as well. Go for it, Bob. Man, it's gonna hurt to lose badly against a write-in candidate! :)

Mary Lou

What a joke! Bob Trane going to the State House.

Joe Beckmann

Two or three years ago, Bob was the strongest advocate for a batch of exceedingly expensive "communication devices" - cell phones with high security clearance - for Somerville police and firemen. At $5,000 per device (almost 20 times the price of today's IPhone), they were supposed to survive anything less than a nuclear blast.

At issue is that Bob's brother Paul represents some of those same industries. In the last year the Board of Aldermen changed the ethics law. Formerly, any family member with more than $100,000 in business with the city had to submit reports. Now, after this purchase, the limit is $1,000,000.

So there are still a few interesting questions. First, how much business did brother Paul really have due to brother Bob? If his commission was higher than $100,000, that's kind of remarkable.

Second, the phones don't work any longer. And in that there may be an even larger liability to this paradigm of ethics, Alderman Bob. Anybody who ignores that kind of conflict has got to vote for McCain.

Steve Chapman

Why would someone who ignores conflict have to vote for McCain? Is McCain involved in some form of conflict that sheds a negative light on him? No that I'm aware of. I stop short of calling you an idiot, but the facts may lead others to that conclusion.

You must really be worried that McCain is going to win to write something that outlandish. The attacks on Sarah Palin aren't working... as a matter of fact they're having the opposite effect. Can you imagine... Obama the rockstar is suddenly faultering?

Face it... McCain's going to win.

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