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August 20, 2008



I have to say that I'm impressed with the improvements to Trum Field. Lately, when I drive by in the evenings, I see the field (and basketball courts behind the field) active and well lit. I hope the same improvements can come to Foss Park and Dilboy Field.


Alibrandi's is really something in that they will try to win at all costs. Interesting that there is no mention of the illegal bats they were caught using several times this season.


Alibrandi is a good man, but his softball team takes things too far. These guys act like they're are playing for a big league contract. Eddie, Joey, and the boys need to take it easy, because at the end of the day softball means nothing. Hope you guys enjoy the meaningless moment. But hay at least you got your name in the paper right!


Glad someone mentioned the illegal bats. This team was busted several times with illegal bats during the season. Hard to imagine a "dynasty" not knowing the rules of its own league.


attaboy and whoever ; did you know that the rec has changed the rules on what type bat you can use quite a few times over the past couple of years sometimes during the season,bats are expensive and you cant keep up with all the changes, all the must be from one of the teams we beat.happy to see your such a good sport.I think the dynasty comment was for yawkey baseball not softball.maybe you can wipe those tears from your eyes so you can read properly.


Wow...that's just not true. Not surprising considering it is coming from an Alibrandi's player. I've been in the league for years. The rules have been the same all of the last three years. No double wall well as no bats from the list shared at the beginning of the year. Yet, the team with it's own manager can't seem to stick to the rules---let alone the rumors of "other bat behaviors".

Doesn't matter have to win the game you are playing---regardless if your opponent cheats and/or the league supervisor won't really enforce rules against the Cobra Kai dojo of Somerville softball.

Shawn Thornton

Ae you people serious. Illegal bats. We have won the championship 3 years in a row and we haven't bought a new bat once. Our bats are made for little league. Every year the league changes it's view on illegal bats. If we had an illegal bat we would've beaten ur team by 60 instead of 30 in game 2. Grow up. Your even lucky we let you win the first game.


16 for 19 with a broken knee!!!!!!!

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