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August 27, 2008


armed and fabulous

Someone has been shot and the face and doesn't want to press charges? Sounds like Dick Cheney's been hunting around these parts!


Every ass**le with a gun claims to be an MS-13 gang member. Pathetic.


Noob, I thought you didn't believe this story happened. Why don't you go bury your head under the sand in Teele Sq? Choke on some sand while you're at it.


Now I believe it, since others have confirmed.


Before people get into the round up and deport them because they have hispanic sounding names despite the fact that most are citizens band wagon... why don't we propose ways to avoid similar situations in the future or how you create an environment where people feel compelled to talk to police.

We could consider using all the money that the meter maids are bringing in and have more neighborhood policing with cops who walk the streets in "hot-spots" of gang activity.

Another area to consider is to focus on prevention and find new and innovative ways to keep kids out of gangs.

The Bunk

With that said I don't think anybody should listen to anything n00b says unless it can be confirmed by a proper source.



Are you nuts. East Somerville is plauged with gang members. I am sorry to offend the Hispanic Community but these gang members are Hispanic!! If they are illegal, and shooting people in our streets, then they should be deported. I really dont think you live in the real world. These people do not want to cooperate with the police. You think more police patrols in the streets are make these kids warm up to the cops. It only sounds like a waste of money. On the other hand, the only smart comment you made was to introduce more programs for young children. Other than that, you might be an idiot or socialist. They are the same to me.


If they are illegal, and shooting people in our streets, then they should be deported.
- I agree, I didn't want this to become another rant on immigration (which seems to happen so often).

I think the community actually wants to work with the police to make their neighborhoods safer. Sorry for not being clearer. Community policing methods have worked in many other cities.

Off the topic - Insulting someone you disagree with is something only an idiot would do. This is supposed to be a forum for discussion.

glen st.

nobody wants gang members or wannabe gang members out more than the latino community.

but instead of offering a hand to the community in crime fighting, some people just want start throwing around all of this 'deport 'em all' bs. what kind of a way to help your neighbors is that?!

and saying that the whole latino community is harboring and encouraging criminals is just so stupid that it's not worth even responding to. should we pin whitey bulger on everyone in somerville of irish descent?

why don't people get together with their neighbors more and help them out some? and help get this gang thing outta town. instead of kicking their neighbors in the face when they need a little help. and calling them all a bunch of illegals and foreigners.

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