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August 27, 2008



Kerry needs to sweat a little. He's been taking his Senate seat for granted for too long. I'd be willing to vote for someone else.


That's what we all have come to admire about Alderman Sean O'Donovan. A really loyal Democrat. Always ready to spring into action - for himself. Loyalty? He's the most loyal to himself and himself alone.

What a guy. Ask not what Sean can do for you, ask what you can do for Sean - to help line his pockets.


Re: Sean O'Donovan.

He is not doing anything illegal-[if he is,bring forth your charges and proof]- and no more or no less what any other enterprising person would do, given the opportunity.

As a ward alderman he has represented and gone to bat for his constituents very well over the years.

Neighborhood issues and/or problems, individuals needing help, he has always been there to help ....cutting thru much "red tape" and bureaucracy to resolve problems for citizens who turn to him.

Who the hell cares if he is in a position to buy properties, except possibly those envious/jealous of his capabilty to do so; or those with personal agendas seeking to unseat him.....bad-mouthing him anonymously and/or behind his back in the neighborhoods.

"Let those without sin cast the first stone."


In regard to the "skate demo" at Conway and the comment about "safety equipment".

I hope the law mandating the wearing of safety helmets for the participants will be complied with.

Safety helmets, and the wearing of same by skate-boarders, as brought forth by the city in the past, has been an issue not well received by parents and skate-boarders.

Why would a parent not want head protection for their kid? [??????]

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