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August 20, 2008



I don't think the Governor has the power to fill a county position by appointment if it's vacated between elections...

Somerville n00b

"Seems every week it gets worse and worse from the same offenders, apparently the person or persons in charge of enforcing the ordinance don’t see the signs, but you do, don’t you?"

What if regular citizens take down these signs and takes them to the city? Where?

no poll

It doesn't take a high IQ to realize that Sciortino has no chance to beat an incumbent alderman on stickers for a state representative seat. I don't need a poll to come to that conclusion. It was nice knowing you Carl. At least you wont be a career politician (what you accussed Vinnie Ciampa of being during your first election). At least you stayed true to your word. Although you are patheticaly trying to hang on.

Jim Taub

How about some disclosure on what politicians Somerville News owner Donald Norton contributes to?


Does giving $38,500 over fifteen months to a political action committee qualify one as a lobbyist? If so, Trane may have some difficulty accepting campaign funds from his brother...

Somerville n00b

Probably, anyone who is likely to facilitate his real estate biz. Nothing wrong with that.


so now we have full cycle. blow into a city,throw some money around,act like you care,run for political office........lose...then put your house for sale. most likely not to move to another part of the city.....bye tony L


I got a letter from O'donovan telling me to unenroll from the Democratic party by next week so I could vote for him in September. What an asshole. Don't hold your breath sean.

Bob O'Meara

I hear Tony LaFuente will officially launch his second bid for alderman-at-large by hosting a "Bon Voyage Buonomo" fundraiser. Photo copies of tickets will not be accepted at the door.

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