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August 26, 2008



He was disbarred nearly 2 years ago.

10/31/06 DISBA: Disbarment

Wow, I am shocked that Somerville would hire a dishonest person for a hack city job!! What the hell does the water commisioner do anyway? Sounds like a no-show hack job that probably pays $80,000 with a nice cushy pension.

Don't you just love "old time Somervillians" and their corrupt ways?

NOTE from Editor (JN): not for nothing, but this person was never considered part of anything old time in Somerville - seriously, stop saying that every crook is part of the "old timer" system. it seems ironic that the longest serving elected official from Somerville NEVER gets included in with others when it comes to that particular phraseology. how convenient.

fraud but a good guy

The kid is a fraud, but a good guy. I hope he stashed away some of that dough! Greed!


Did he not also do a lot of work with a certain local funding company?


He was disbarred in 2006.

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