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August 01, 2008


34th Middlesex

Thanks Rep. Sciortino!!!!!


Thanks....for what? The continued neglect by the DCR? Give them 2M as a reward for not doing their job? Give the park back to the city. Then lets take the neglected skating rink back. Keep the State hacks out. I'm surprised Carl knew where the park was. East Somerville has fought for "decades" to get another overpass to safely cross McGrath Hway. At least the new Stop and Shop put in crosswalks with lights to give us a running start on the speeding cars.


Artificial turf?! No way would I want to play on that. Soccer is more fun and safer on a real field, even if it is mostly dirt (although I much prefer grass).

Dilboy is maintined by the city now? Well, it still needs lots of work. I couldn't even figure out when the pool was open there. Everytime I went, it was closed with no hours posted. Same for Foss Park.

Ron Newman

One thing that would help Foss Park: opening a gate in the fence on the east side, at Fellsway and Blakeley Ave.

This would allow people to cross through the park from Jaques Street, making it easier to reach Stop & Shop. The more people are using the park as an everyday cut-through, the safer the park will be.

a personnnnnnnn .

When does the pool open ???????

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