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August 20, 2008



exactly how will the fine people of Somerville get to the Orange Line ? It would be quicker to walk from any part of the city instead of the Red line aound Boston. If you can walk to Sullivan Sq., than you can walk to Assy Sq.


Charlie: don't be so short sighted. I believe the long term plans are to put housing complexes in Assembly Square too.
Also, if you can walk to Assembly Square, then it's that much easier to get downtown (or out to Malden).

Waterfront Land

“That is great news for people who want to ride the T to and from Somerville,”
~Unfortunately, it's probably not such great news for current residents of Somerville!
“a brand new Orange Line station right where we are standing.”
~So, the people who don't want a boat club to be on the waterfront are OK with a dirty, smelly, noisy, T station on the waterfront? Because if she's correct, it appears that the station would sit right on the water, and would also do more to mar the view of the water than the Everett Power Plant could ever think of doing!

Wig Zamore

In the recent Draft Environmental Impact Report for Assembly Square the new Orange Line T-stop, along with walk and bike trips, is shown as saving over 9,000 vehicle trips per day. The development phases covered in the Draft EIR include housing for about 4,000 residents (2100 units), 1,750,000 square feet of office / research & development space and retail that will bring the total in the district to about 1,400,000 square feet - including the mall, Home Depot, IKEA etc. With improved pedestrian and bike connections, existing Somerville residents of Ten Hills and portions of Winter Hill and East Somerville will find the Assembly Square T-stop convenient. And we all have an interest, in my opinion, in reducing future Assembly Square traffic by every means available. I think this T-stop could eventually host as many trips per day as Davis Square - over 10,000 boardings and 20,000 total trips per day.


You are right, the people of Somerville won't necessarily benefit from the T stop itself, but reduced traffic congestion is a serious benefit.

Ron Newman

The T station would not be on the water where the yacht club is. It would be closer to where Foley Street meets the railroad tracks.

T stops

Do you seriously believe that traffic will not increase dramatically because there is a T stop? Have you noticed (how can you miss it?) the traffic, especially during certain times of day trying to get across the bridge into Wellington Circle? It's impossible. And there has been a T stop there for years. The stop connects directly into the new development. It makes very little difference. You will attract people who will use the T, but you will also attract huge amounts of people who will not (or can not) use the T. You need to think beyond yourselves to the people who are not served by the T to realize what I'm saying. People from Everett, Medford, Wakefield, Saugus, Arlington, etc. will not be arriving via the Orange Line. Heck, why would anyone from West Somerville arrive via the Orange Line, which would require either a bus and train trip, or 2 different train trips? Would you seriously take the red line into Boston to change to the Orange Line to get to a place that's less than 1 mile from your home? People from East Somerville might find the T stop convenient, but certainly not for getting to Assembly Square. And since there's already a stop in East Somerville (sort of - SUllivan Square), they don't really need another stop so close. No, that's why this discussion is so laughable. The only people it will truly serve are people from outside of Somerville who will use it to access Assembly Square. Once again, we will be hosting another dirty, smelly T stop to serve people from elsewhere.


It's nice to see that they are at finally cleaning up that whole area in general. A large portion of that land was polluted and quite disgusting. I wonder if the EPA will be around to see if they clean up the contaminated soil there (it was an old train yard with 8+ sets of tracks fanned out. A private builder would have to remove all the contaminated soil before building - I wonder if the same rules will apply to these developers? They've already done some strong arming by getting land through eminent domain, kicking out several long term businesses.
What would REALLY be nice to see - a damn Pedestrian Bridge over the multiple lanes of death attempting to cross over from Sullivan Square to Charlestown / Someville, heading toward this new area. Granted it is Boston property there but it's one of the most Pedestrian unfriendly areas around there. You put your life in your own hands attempting to cross 3 lanes of traffic which doesn't contain 1 cross walk, 1 walk signal but yet is 100 yards from a major bus / subway stop.


RE: T stops above

"T stops writes"
And since there's already a stop in East Somerville (sort of - SUllivan Square), they don't really need another stop so close.

All I can say is that it is clearly obvious to anyone who uses that stop to get to the Assembly Square that "T stops" has not attempted this. Crossing any of those roads in that area is dangers and the thing that is really "laughable" as you say. Anyone that thinks otherwise needs to leave the station, and attempt to cross the road and walk to Assembly square. You'll find lack of crosswalks, broken walk signals, missing walk buttons. It's a very VERY dangerous walk in terms of competing with the traffic that speeds through there at close to 40 sometimes 50 miles an hour which is well over the posted speed limit.

Jack Straw

I think the question is how is the people going to get on the train in the morning?

I come from Malden everyday, and basically if the train is not filled up by Malden Center, it fills up by Wellington, leaving a number of people at Sullivan Station stranded. Add in another station? Forget it.

In the evening it is the same way. The trains are already overcrowded. Longer commutes will turn people off, and they will want to drive.

The only solution I see is adding express trains to Wellington Malden and Oak Grove for peak travel times.

The stations are too close together as it is. Add another in between Wellington and Sullivan. Forget it.

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