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August 07, 2008


Ron Newman

You left out a lot of relevant local background information -- most notably, that he ran for mayor in both 1989 and 1999, narrowly losing each time (first to Mike Capuano, then to Dorothy Kelly Gay).

Editor's Note (JN): Ron, seriously. we have known John for about 35 years (maybe more). he once held the School Committee seat I hold now and the Alderman's seat from this same ward. of course we know he ran for Mayor - but, this isn't the John Buonomo biography page. thanks for the tip, or were you just trying to do your usual "oh you forgot this" or "you have incorrect information", because that to me is a very thinly veiled attempt to be derisive/disrespectful.


This goes to show you, that every dog has its day. He betrayed the publics trust.. He should be humiliated to an extreme level.. JB how does it feel now??

Somerville n00b

Wow. I'm shocked. Imagine what this guy would have done, had he become Mayor. But what kind of an idiot risks everything to steal coins from copy machines? This guy is not only dishonest, he is f*ing stupid.


Well at least he no longer lives here but he might have to soon, maybe with H.V. untill his new digs in the House of Correction up there in "Somerville with Trees".

This is old news.....

I posted about this story yesterday but the so called moderator saw fit not to publish said posts. The Somerville News was the last "media" outlet to let the public know about Bounomo.
Pretty sad that a so called "media" outlet based in Somerville is once again late for supper.

Editor's Note (JN): you know, I find this kind of post funny, for a number of reasons. first, we really don't need anyone's help finding news stories, thanks. second, the moon and stars aligned last night which caused the editorial staff to not have access to a computer. third, by the time we did, there was nothing to report that could match the videos and the tv reporting in full swing. fourth and finally, the whole "once again late for supper" line is such bullsh*t - this newspaper certainly does not have a reputation of being late for anything - so as I have said many times before, if your intent is to come here and post stupid statements merely for the pleasure of being derisive and misleading, then go somewhere else.

Chew on that - JN

Ron Newman

To JN - You and I know John Buonomo's local history, but a lot of your younger or newer readers don't. It would be useful to place this story in historical context.

Editor's Note (JN): Ron, I understand that; however, this isn't the John Buonomo biography weblog - ten seconds on Google and one can find out everything they wanted (and probably didn't want) to know about him. this type of news story is typically to the point and certainly not in narrative form; however, at some point in the future, when following up, i would assume most media outlets would provide ample information at that time for those who don't take the ten seconds to Google him.

local politics

WOW - I'm really suprised (ha, ha)
I woner what are own politicians are doing????????????

My Cousin Vinny (Ciampa)

Buonomo stealing from Brune, payback for not being with him in 1999.


What an absolute lowlife. This guy's pension and already-high-enough salary apparently weren't enough and he had to supplement his income by robbing dimes out of a photocopy machine. That's just sick. What an abuse of the public trust. Now I find out his lawyer is claiming that he was taking money to buy supplies. That makes no sense. He didn't even work in the same office. Why would he be taking money from another office to buy pencils for his own office? And besides which, aren't there official requisition slips that would need to be filled out to get office supplies? Are we really expected to buy this bologna? Buonomo has sunk to a new low if he tries to sit there in court, straight faced, telling us his intentions were noble and that he was trying to outfit his office with needed supplies. He's kidding himself if he thinks anybody is going to believe him.
This guy's been dining at the public trough for years now. I'm glad this story was exposed so that he'll get the heck out!


To Ron Newman: You obviously are an irritant to the Somerville News owners today. They had a late night out on the Mayor's annual Homage er, Harbor Cruise last night. I suggest you take JN's advice and search through as many search engines you can about Stickey Fingers John. Pay particular attention to how many times the Somerville News gave him plugs and you'll answer your own questions regarding the compulsory coverage but sorely lacking in detail story of the soon to be incarcerated Sticky Fingers John B.

Another Somerville politician we can all be damn pround of.

Editor's Note (JN): I could tell you to mind your own business, but it is true I was on the boat last night. as far as your little swipe at us regarding the "plugs" it would seem you and others have a short memory - I was the one who labeled him "video boy" four years ago and constantly pounded on him, as I have with others acting stupidly. saying we selectively report news, even intimating it, is insulting, thank you.


James Norton

Local politics:

Two things drive me mental about the PDS (not all of them, relax).

First is the whole "oh how can you be so nasty?" routine, but then they conveniently forget the SCN/Somerville Snoop or the delusional musings of moron Ken Brociner (even better example - turning into the very thing they originally claimed to be "fighting" in the first place).

The second is this complete fantasy-land political landscape the mixers of the PDS Koolaid have invented and perpetuated regarding so-called old-school politicians and their evil, crooked ways.

It's laughable actually. You, they, them - whatever you want to call them - would get more respect from people, new and old, if they admitted their mistakes, didn't do something and then stand in the corner pointing their fingers shrieking about the other guy and maybe, just maybe, gave up the incessant fight against the evil establishment/machine.



Somerville n00b

Well, for sure John is not a "good man". Change his last name to "Cattivomo".


John-Boy, why did ya hafta go and forget what we taught ya at City Hall YEARS ago?

Ya block the surveillance-cam lens, before ya glom the copier shekels, ya dummy!

giggedy giggidy

JN -- As a reader who genuinely appreciates this site, I don't appreciate the snotty comments you give to posters. I find that usually when people add new information, it's because they think it's important and were sharing it with other readers. And do you really not need anyone's help in getting stories? Really? No one's?

I suspect you get a lot of help.

This isn't a bad story, and no it's not the John Buonomo biography page, but while you're acting all arrogant I'll note that it a) ends by saying he will be "arraigned today morning" (sic) b) does not mention the very relevant fact that Mr. Buonomo's name is on the ballot for re-election this November -- which is more important to readers, i.e. voters, than his two failed mayoral runs and c) you can see the the District Attorney's press release here: I'm hard pressed to see that your paper did anything more than add a couple of phrases to their information. You're the paper that's known John for 35 years -- and I frankly looked at this site for a more complete story (Somerville reporting on its own) than just running yesterday's press release.

Otherwise -- love the paper and keep up the good work.

Just a few notes while you're, you know -- acting all huffy about a few criticicms.

Editor's Note (JN): fair enough Quagmire, thank you for the figurative shot of xanax.

Ron Newman

Not only is he on the November ballot, but I believe he is unopposed, both in the September primary and in the November general election. It's too late for him to remove his name from the ballot (even if he wanted to) and too late for anyone else to put his/her name on the ballot.
This is a sad situation.

Sticker campaign, anyone?

(To JN - I tried to post this three times, only to get a totally blank page as a result. TypePad is acting up. Feel free to remove duplicates)

Somerville n00b

I had no idea this clepto was on the ballot for re-election. Well, there goes the re-election biz.

Secret Squirrel

I wonder where the secret squirrel is going to end up after john-john loses his job. Rumor has it that he had a falling out with the registrar 6 months ago. Is it possible that the squirrel dropped a dime on his boss as a form of retribution?

James Norton

Ron -

Thanks, you're right, Typepad is acting up today. You know, maybe i am jumping the gun, but since Ron opened the door to this issue of needing a write-in/sticker campaign - I will throw my personal opinion into the mix...I think a certain sitting Alderman (not Trane, not Sullivan, not White, not Roche, not Gewirtz, not Heuston, not Pero, not Taylor, not Desmond and not Connolly) should run as a write-in candidate.

That Alderman would be the most logical choice, in my book - all personalities aside.

Anyone have any opinions on this?


Somerville n00b

Ron, there HAS to be some rule for these cases... What if the only candidate on the ballot dies just before the election? I suppose the position may go unfilled...

giggedy giggidy

Ok -- all these comments and a complete absence of the most obvious jokes.

First -- some campaign slogans:

1) John Buonomo: a real candidate for real change
2) Registrar of Probate -- making change at the Registry of Deeds
3) John Buonomo -- No Quarter!
4) Getting behind the machine for change!

heard on the street:

"Excuse me, but I'm on my way to the laundromat and I'm all out of change -- do you have the number for the Registrar of Probate?"


What did you idiots expect; he is a friggin' democrat. They're all either thieves (Johnie-boy), rapists (Marzilli) or deviants (the rest of them starting with Rebeccah and Carl). They all got their hands stuck in the cookie-jar, on some poor woman's breast or some other place that's disgusting to thing about. That's the democratic today!

I been warning you idiots for years.

Bill Shelton

This is a sad, sad story to me. What conceivable state of mind could John Buonomo have been in to throw away his career and reputation for nickels and dimes?

BTW, who is the secret squirrel?

Ron Newman

JAR would have the definitive answer on this, but I believe that if a dead person wins an election, that is called a 'failure to elect' and triggers a new special election.

The Patriot

Buonomo was always a weasel and a creep, yet he almost became Mayor twice thanks to the Somerville Progressive democrats.
I don't know which is worse: the utterly contemptible hypocrasy of the PDS crowd or the acute gullibility of Somerville's voters of times past.
Forget that state pension, John, you'll have to rely on your campaign account for your canteen money. And to think you were a frontrunner for State Auditor in 2010, what a being the fiscal watchdog for the Commonwealth. I can hear you now "What rainy day fund? I just took that money to buy some umbrellas, ah, ah, just put that cash in my account til I can get to the store, ah, ah..."

Ron Newman

PDS emerged from the remains of the local Robert Reich campaign of 2002, and therefore did not exist during either of Buonomo's mayoral campaigns.

My recollection is that the 'progressives' of the time split between Capuano and Buonomo in 1989, and between Kelly Gay and Curtatone in 1999.

The Patriot

You can run, Ron, but you can't hide.
You can change your name all you want,
from from CPAX to Community News snoops, to SPD's, you're all the same it's "Johnny" we hardly knew ye...right....John Buonomo was your creation and his late night "win"
in Somerville and Cambridge certainly had the air of "olde Somerville recounts." I remenber when your crowd
tried to frighten the Somerville's newly organized gay group in 89 by saying if Capuano won, there would be gay bashings all over about scaring up a vote and some terrified campaign workers.
Yah, you were divided between Buonomo and Capuano, mullaky, 200 for Buonomo and one PDS spy tucked into Capuano's campaign.
I guess it's kinda cute lying hoping no one remembers, sorta just like stealing hoping no one sees.


john b is in trouble....that's a shame


To Ron Newman: I guess the Somerville Community News (your former paper) always included all relevant information. They surely would if the story were about John Buonomo, but to this day I read stories about the likes of Pat Jehlen in local papers and never read 'relevant' information that might not be flattering. Get a grip!

Tech Tourney

Flush out your headgear, Newman. Kelly Gay got all the progressives in '99. And the progressives were around in '89, just much smaller in number. Pat. Denise, and a couple of friends, all with Buonomo in that race. He'll wriggle out of this yet, just you watch. The shapeshifter will not be denied!

Shelton is playing stupid

Shelton is playing stupid. He knows very well that the secret squirrel is Herby Vargas!

Ron Newman

From the Somerville News NewsTalk column, June 4, 2008:

"The case of the missing money, this time at the Registry of Probate’s Office - apparently the keen eyes of our Registrar John Buonomo and his Deputy caught a county employee who apparently was dipping into the till, rumors all over the court house and the amount estimates vary, but they’re still investigating it we hear. We know the Registrar - we all know he’s relentless when it comes to something like this and we know he will get to the bottom of it and soon."

(I didn't remember this item, but someone on LiveJournal did and linked to it.)


i don't recall he being in a scandal before this.

a man with that kind of income resorting to

stealing from vending machines. GAMBLING.


through all your resources, steal from your

family, friends, and workplace. marriges have

been destroyed and families torn apart.

businesses have been lost and theft in the

workplace in millions. sports betting, the track,

lottery, casino, day trading. if this is what

i think is the case, the man was just trying

to feed his addiction. winnning isint the goal.

its in the mind. if this is the case, he owes

a lot of money to friends family , shylocks and

loansharks. he needs help in a 12 step program

to bring about a CHARACTER CHANGE to turn his

life around. despite it all the man's reputation

is down the toilet. so sad.

Anna Madrigal

JN - If I did'nt know any better I think you're trying to bait some wanna be into thinking he could actually pull off a sticker campaign for this soon to be vacant county seat.

The thought is intriguing though. What better way for a dead end Somerville Alderman to get the jump on family troubles or recent deaths which could lead to his own very lucritive property deals based on the inside information gleaned from the Probate records. And get paid handsomely all the while adding to his ever growing public service pensions. Nice gig if you can get it.

The bonus would be having the current Registrar of Deeds, the former mayor of Somerville, as his unofficial campaign manager.

Ward Five Born

Good god you're not serious Norton? Trading one crook for another at the probate office?

On second thought, it is a good way to get SOD out of our city. Maybe he can buy Buonomo's house in Newton. It will soon be on the market I hear.


What better way to head of suspicion,the only thing being dipped was a wick and the box under the desk was my kids piggy bank, if you believe that then I have a bridge I want to sell and some swamp land in a warm state, or was that the partners condo that He stayed in for free. Oh by the way is not that what got a Speaker of the house into trouble a little while back, as a poll is not that against the law? Come on the news dig a little deeper now that the adds will dry up.

Courtney O'Keefe

I'm saddened to hear about this and only hope that Mr. Buonomo gets the help that he needs.


Democrats are such despicable slugs; Buonomo, Marzilli, Carl, Clinton, Edwards, Barney Franks - they used to say “live boy or dead girl”, but Franks and Fat Teddy put paid to even that.

p. foxx



John R. Buonomo has no history of a criminal record and has until now been a dedicated and law abiding public servant. I am not condoning his actions. It is shocking what has taken place and equally sad. I knew John for a few years. He is a great father and an all around good guy. YES, this is an unreal screw up and that cannot be denied - but to say his character has always been flawed and he has been a life long crook is unfair and baseless. Lord knows there is not a person among us who has not sinned themselves. Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone. In the meantime we should all be glad that when we screw up in life (as we all do)that we do not have it splashed all over the news for every loud mouth to comment on.


I am curious to know if Marty Martinez, Patrica Jehlen or Tony Lafuente have reached out to John Buonomo. I know that John raised them all a lot of $$$$$$ in the past. John was a big supporter of all those mentioned. If you look at the campaign finance reports, you will see that the same group of followers, all dontated to Buonomo!

Sean O'Donovan Probate?

Sean O' Donovan for Probate? I hope people are joking about Sean running for Probate. I never met anyone more selfish in my life. He would be lucky to get elected into Ward 5 after the stunt he pulled on Craigie Street. Mark my words, The Craigie Street Deal, will come back to haunt him. I hope he makes enough money to retire.

Somerville n00b

It IS possible that Buonomo has a brain tumor. They should check on that, since people can behave oddly when they have one, obviously.

Bill Shelton

When I was in my early 30s, I had a friend in her late 70s who influenced the way that I saw many things. More than once when I was dismissive of someone who had angered me, she said something like this: “There is so much good in the worst of us, and so much bad in the best of us, that none of us has the capacity to judge any of us.”

I never voted for John until he ran for his current position. And I never knew him well. But over the past two decades, I interacted with him a number of times. I was sometimes angered by his opportunism, and sometimes touched by his generosity.

But nothing in my knowledge and experience of him can explain this behavior. Risking destruction of one’s reputation, ending of one’s career, and humiliation of one’s children for a few dollars is not the action of a rational human being. None of us knows what distressed and distorted state of mind produced this behavior.

So I hope that justice is served and hurtful stupid deeds like this are deterred. But I hope that justice is tempered with compassion. It’s a cakewalk for a prosecutor to make this case. So I hope that he will put as much effort into understanding as into exploiting the publicity in order to advance his own career.


Bill, I agree with you fully.

A situation in which a candidate appears on a ballot while under indictment--either State or Federal--is certainly not unheard of.

Further, however damning the evidence may appear, he is still innocent until proven guilty and deserves his (unbiased) day in court.



john buonomo has always been manipulative, sneaky and opportunistic. He would sell his enemies up the river.

This is karma. He was sobbing at his arraigment for a reason. He got caught.

JAR, stop tawking like a fool!

JAR--It doesn't get anymore clearer than what you saw on tv. Give me a break and stop tawking stupid! Save the political bullshit for the next time you throw your hat in another losing race! The video says a 1000 words.

Tony L.

Tony L. has more people running around the streets trying to tie up loose ends and distance himself from Bounomo.

Tony, it ain't going to work....wait and find out! People are going to be very surprised at your behavior and dealings with Bounomo. It will come all out soon enough. You can run but you will not be able to hide.

Bill and JAR

What planet do you two come from? Compassion? Unbiased day in court? Exploiting the publicity to advance one's career? Do you realize you actually live in Middlesex county? The pulpit that any sitting DA uses to exploit, dehumanize, embarrass, humiliate any person or entity to further their careers.

Get a grip on reality you two, this office is not and never has been a monument to help people but destroy all that is in it's wake. If I didn't know you two I would take you both for morons that didn't have a clue what hardball politics is played in this area.

Let's not forget.....

Imux, You must be vacationing.....
You forgot Gary Hart, Gerry Studds, and David Scondras. Plus a few more national figures whose names escape me at the moment (well, it is August, after all - isn't everyone on 5 weeks' vacation??).


I am well aware of who hates who in Somerville; who is wired in with who and so on. And I have been for probably the past 40 years.

I believe that 99% of the defendants who make it as far as a jury trial are probably guilty. Those who cop a plea usually ARE guilty. We'll see what happens in this case.

As a taxpayer, I expect the District Attorney's office to do its job and I have every bit of faith in Gerry Leone to do so and to not inordinately or frivolously risk the Commonwealth's resources in so doing.

For the record, I have also sat on the Commonwealth's side of the courtroom in a capital trial and seen firsthand the process.

The fact that the defendant in that case was accused (and convicted--of first degree) of killing my sister did not mitigate the fact that he, too, deserved his day in court.

I can't speak for Bill Shelton, but anyone who thinks I'm a bleeding heart liberal probably should have stopped in to hear my testimony before the Mass. State parole board in Natick on 2-6-2007.

We are (hopefully) still a Nation of Laws.


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