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July 17, 2008


Somerville n00b

I don't get the logic of janitors blocking off Davis Sq because they want Tufts to pay them more. Janitors, if you have a problem with Tufts then organize a freaking strike. Do you really think that you'll get sympathy from the community by acting like idiots? Also, do you really think that the rest of us are doing just great in this economy? $14.23/ht does not seem too bad to me, given that this job requires minimal or no skills.


All janitors should be a paid $1 million dollars!

In all seriousness, it is stupid to block traffic as this just pisses people off.

If you do not like the pay and conditions, quit, re-train and do something else.

Any increase in pay will just be passed on by Tufts in increased tuition payments, which are high enough anyway.

I would say the pay is comensuarate with the skills required. Bascially any abled bodied can do the job!

Why am I not surprised that leftist Gerwitz supported a meaningless resolution.


Yeah, they may very well have a great cause here (I'm not familiar with specifics either way), but I don't think you endear yourself to the public by shutting down traffic. Protesting without blocking traffic is fine in my view.

Ron Newman

When I first saw this demonstration, it looked like they were picketing the Middlesex Federal Savings & Loan. Only when I asked them why they were protesting a bank did I learn what their actual cause was.

Laramie White

Being a janitor or housekeeper takes more skills that most people are aware of for this profession. There are 16 different areas of skills needed to mange and work in the janiotrial field, the most important one being: working for and with people that look down on this profession. Not everyone can be a janitor or housekeeper, we need people to start treating this profession with respect. Imagine you're in the hospital in the bed after major surgery. Who would you like to service your room daily, an untrained Joe off the streets or someone that understands the cleaning process tht will create a healing environment for you to get well. Not Everyone Can Be A Janitor!!

Somerville n00b

I agree that not everybody can be a janitor. Certain organizational skills are required of ANY job. For instance, you need to be able to show up on time and complete a sequence of operations in a careful manner. If you are a nice person and exchange jokes and whatnot with the faculty, staff and students, that is even better. But, again, janitors should go on strike, then. Let the institution find out how important their janitors are... Blocking a random street does not make any sense. What are people gonna do? Boycott Tufts? Why would student want their tuition to go up even more?


Cops and drivers should have CLUUBED them all in the heads
and checked them all for their immigration status. If they are here illegally now they can be immeduately DEPORTED for the crime
of disturbing the peace and resisiting arrests.

SIEU is theunion of ILLEGAL ALIEN workers which seperated from the bigger unions. It's great that they did that because now the unions made up of legal American residents don't have to cater to illegals and include them in their benefits. They also can be easily identified as the ILLEGAL ALIENS that they are because they have decided to unite as ILLEGALS but have in reality become a clearer TARGET for law enforcement.

Somerville n00b

Could be, could be... But what evidence is there they are illegal aliens? I doubt.


I would have run the slobs over if I had been around this weekend. I would have just plowed right through them and kept going if they had caused even 1 nanosecond of delay in my commute. That's how I roll when dealing with democrats. I find that is the best way - since they never can debate facts it is best to just run them down like dogs.

Somerville n00b

Imux, we are just waiting for that to happen. Then the real fun would begin, as your lawyer won't even be able to use the insanity defense after your post.

Ron Newman

What's the point of moderating comments here if stuff like Imux's post is allowed through?


Ron, how often did you get a beatdown in High School? Daily? At least weekly - I am sure. Do you need to be such a whiney, little goof. Have you no sense of humor? I'm kidding here -- I ain't running any of you moonbats over as you guys would make a mess of the front of my Hummer H3. The thing is sweeeeeeet!

Oh... and why are you (ACLU lover) crying about censorship? I guess FREE SPEECH only works if you spout the moonbat PDS line, huh? Typical leftwing libaloon.

Somerville n00b

Good point, Ron, and I agree. This clown does not realize that by posting this stuff he may as well seal his own fate. Say he runs over somebody by accident and an investigation digs out these public statements where the intention to run over certain people is clear... But that's what stupid people do.

NOTE from JN: I cannot, for the life of me, believe that some of you on here actually believe Imux is making a factual announcement that he will run someone over...


Wow, I wonder too, about the purpose of moderating if such useless comments are allowed here. Probably, the owner of the site does not read the comments, he/she just clicks a "post-them-all" button when he/she finds 5 minutes.

NOTE from JN: spare me, please.


OK, I was wrong. Mr. JN reads them! :)

Ron Newman

The one thing Imux doesn't understand is that humor is supposed to be funny.

Picket at Tufts

Let's get back on topic, folks. The point is, these janitors, Tufts students, and their union, should be protesting and blocking traffic on their own campus at Tufts. I don't know or care about their working conditions I have my own issues to worry about. Let them block the cars of the administrators, faculty, and students at Tufts and see how long they last. Did they have a permit to gather in Davis Square? If not, and they blocked traffic, they should have been arrested. Their actions only served to irritate people. Grow up.

Somerville n00b

We all want raises! We all need raises! Let's go block Porter Sq!


Somerville b00b, you would have to first get a job to get a raise. You want to block porter square? Just remember that if you see if a Hummer H3 bearing down you on fast - be ready to dive into bushes.

Somerville n00b

If you are driving a Hummer H3, no wonder your small business is going to hell. Poor judgment in every aspect of your life.

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