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July 07, 2008


Somerville n00b

Is this the same guy who was arrested early this year? I think so. What a loser. I'm just pasting the text below, from an old article:

"Mom and Son Battle Over Collection

Somerville - A man was arrested for allegedly assaulting his mother during a dispute about money and baseball and hockey cards, according to police.

Michael K. Mahoney, 24, of 42 Upland Road, was charged with domestic assault and battery after police said he pushed her out of his room Friday night. According to reports, Mahoney’s mother, who was not identified, came home to find him asleep in his third-floor bedroom.

Mahoney’s mother told police her son owed her money, and had agreed to sell a collection of baseball and hockey cards to settle the debt.

Police said when his mother entered the bedroom to confront her son about the cards, which police said were missing, Mahoney allegedly became enraged and a struggle ensued between them. The woman told police she believed Mahoney might have bitten her in the breast area during the struggle, however police reported no evidence to support that claim."


Here is a report of another incident in that general vicinity, from the SJ.

"June 28, at approx. 4:30 a.m., Saturday, there was an early-morning attack on a female jogger near Powder House Circle. A man grabbed the jogger who was running in the area of Broadway and Billingham, and threatened to hurt her. The 23-year-old woman was able to escape the attack and run away. Police are seeking the suspect, a 20- to 40-year-old white male with dark eyes and dark, stringy, shoulder-length hair. He is also described as having one lazy eye, and possibly both his eyes are somewhat askew. He is approx. 6’ tall and 280 lbs., with a pale complexion."

Somerville n00b

Police should definitely check if there is a connection with the June 28 incident.


The news today said that he was charged with two counts of assault one stemming from last week so Kate I think you are right that the other attack, given its proximity to College Ave/Dearborn, are related. Thanks to all the police involved in bringing this to a quick resolution in getting this nut case off the streets of Somerville.


BS, You're right about that - the excellent police work.


Somerville n00b - you probably already know, but you are correct about it being the same Michael Mahoney.


Deport all these criminal illegals! When you let them take over, they-- oh, wait... Mahoney? Never mind. He's cool.

Seriously, though- the guy sounds like a real problem, and it's great that they got him so quickly. Good work, SPD!


Good one, Craig!


He lives on my street! How scary! Thank you Somerville police! Who knows what else could have happened when the female college students come back in September???!!!

Tervor Jefferey

It sounds like the victim did all the work for the police. Remeber, if you are going to be a victim in this town, don't just be a victim if you expect results.

Here is one case where they can't blame the vicitm.

da post man

Before yall post all of this stupid stuff that yall r saying.. U guys shld get to kno the person.. Nd 4 the narrator that has to approve all of these comments going up jus remma wat goes around cums around.. U are letting all these ppl talk smack abt sum one that they dnt even know from a whole in the wall.. Im not saying he is innocent and im not saying that he is guilty but i think ppl need 2 find other things better to do wit their time.. Remember only GOD can judge us.. The man hasnt even been proven guilty in court nd here yall r crucifiyin him on the cross .. nd since u guys have the nerve to talk all this on line nd be internet thus i hope that when he comes out u can say this all to his face... nd i kno this probably wont get posted but i dnt care cuz it jus proves once again that ppl are cruel and love bashin and destroyong other lives without knowing the true facts.. nd with that said IM OUT nd if this gets posted feel free to comment on wat i jus said

Somerville n00b

Post man, no need to try so hard to sound illiterate; I'm confident your regular style would be enough to illustrate that point.
That said, yup, the poor girl must have imagined the sexual assault. Damn victims, always blame the perpetrators.


I would say it to his face but I don't want to get raped.


Check out News of the Weird. They post he thought he was such hot stuff he gave his phone number to the victim! That was the crucial information the victim gave to the police.

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