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July 13, 2008


Somerville n00b

What's with this epidemic of nostalgia of the past? Doesn't DelPonte already cover that? Now Mr Publicover as well? Is this just a big conspiracy to divert people's eyes from the present? :)


It's great to have remembrances of the past. Mr.Delponte only touched upon certain aspects of Davis Sq. while Mr. Publicover was able to give a slightly different perspective. It jogs the memories of those of us who were around at that time and provides an important benchmark for deciding if what is now in Davis Sq. (or East Harvard Sq.)can be called an improvement or not.


You're bringing back some very fond memories. My mom used to take us to what is now Downtown Crossing. I remember Grant's, Woolworth's, Kresge's and the Enchanted Village @ Jordan Marsh every Christmas. Remembers Jordan Marsh Annex, Jordan Marsh's blueberry muffins (they were so big, they couldn't close the box).

lifelong res

Thank you for the walk down memory lane.

Frank Bucca

I remember the Star Market on the Highland Avenue side of Davis Square very well.

I had just grsduated B.U. in 1957, via the G.I. Bill, Korean War.

I was hired by Star as a Management Trainee.
Initial training began with working at various departments, store level. If memory serves, Star only had four stores at that time.

I was assigned to the produce department at the Highland Ave. store.
The produce "prep" area was in the cellar.
We sent the shelf stocking merchandise up via a dumb-waiter.

In those days, celery, lettuce, cabbage, etc., didn't arrive pre-wrapped or pre-trimmed.
Had to be done at store level.

While working at that venue....guess who the trainee was standing next to me trimming.
David Mugar--[Yes, the multi-millionaire David Mugar----of Esplanade, 4th of July fame]

One hell of a nice guy, then and now!!

That store closed when Star opened up Porter Square...1962, if memory serves.

Porter Square Shopping Center was built where once stood a densely wooded area surrounding a huge house in the middle of that tract of land.

When the owner died, Star bought the land.....and the rest is history.

I helped open the new Star, worked there a short while, then moved on to working for a Food Broker.

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