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July 12, 2008


Connie Todd

Dear Mr. DelPonte,
I am writing to tell you how much I enjoy your column "On The Silly Side" in the Somerville News.
Although I am a North Cambridge gal myself, but my grandparents, raised their children (my father, Amos Borsini being one of them) at 25 Warwick Street. How I remember those great feasts on Sunday with the aroma of garlic and wine in the air, aunts, uncles, cousins, those lazy hazy days of summer when the Nona gave each of her grandchildren .50 for an ice cream at the Dairy Queen (Royal White Laundry)or sent us to the store for a few boxes of macaronni and ginger ale at the connor variety store next to the Dairy Queen. There were neighbors across the street (there name escapes me) and the guy played the accordian. Everyone had tomatoes, zucchini and a grapevine in their yards. I remember helping to pick the grapes for my Nono. These grapes were washed and brought to the "celler". In the middle of the celler floor, bolted to the floor, was this contraption to "smash" the grapes to make the wine. What a mess, but oh so much FUN! Wonderful memories. My grandparents have passed on and the house is no longer in our posession, but the machine is still bolted into the floor (this I know for certain, because I spoke with the new owners of the house). I also had an Aunt and Uncle that lived at 54 Warwick Street. My cousin Pam Borsini was active in Somerville politics for sometime, but 2001 she suffered a serve stroke and now resides in a nursing home. When I first noticed the Somerville News and read your column I was sure to give the newspaper to my cousin Pam to read. She so looks forward every week to reading your column. I must say that you always put a great big smile on our faces!!! Looking forward to reading many, many more wonderful stories. Keep on the silly side. Bless you.

Connie Todd

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