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July 23, 2008



I'm sorry no one from Newstalk was able to actually be at the fundraiser with the Governor. If you had been, you would have known that it was just the Governor and Carl who organized the event. You would have also seen a few hundred people from Somerville and Medford who were very excited to help re-elect Sciortino, and you would have heard a great speech from the Governor on why Sciortino has done such a great job as State Rep.

It was really a great time, sorry you missed it!


Wow! Our do-nothing governor supports our do-nothing state rep! Whoddathunkit! This bozo of a governor (worst in state history) was too busy buying a caddie, curtains and getting a book deal to get his legislation (casino gambling) pushed through. What a clown he is.

And why would Bob think - for even a second - that this far left, moonbat governor would throw his support behind a mainstream, for-the-middle-class democrat (like Bob)? I don't know why people can't see that the farleft (PDS members, Carl, Cadillac-Deval, Osama-Obama, etc) is the gestapo of America now. They don't tolerate dissent - you either back their Godless, moral-less, traitorous, seditous posistions 100% or off to the gulag with you. Mark my words, folks, the times will-be-a-changing and it won't for the better if these leftists/socialists continue to grab power.

Somerville n00b

Sciortino will smoke Trane. He's just a better politician with a better vision.


If Sciortino is such a good politician, how did he lose those signatures?

Dont thinks so

Somerville Noob,

Sciortino MAYBE (I am hesitant to make that concession) a better politian than Trane but he has about a 2% chance of beating an incumbent Alderman on stickers. Actually, he has a 0% chance of winning. I don't care if Obama and Patrick decide to go door to door for him. I have been a ranking official in both state and local campaigns (not that it is a big deal, just highlighting a little experience)...he has no shot on stickers unless Trane commits an unspeakable crime between now and election day. Good luck Carl...You will need a mircale

Somerville n00b

What does being a good politician have to do with losing some paperwork?

Somerville n00b

Well, Trane has already committed an unspeakable crime by allowing that creepy picture of his standing in front of a graffiti wall with a zombie expression to be shown around! :)


"And why would Bob think - for even a second - that this far left, moonbat governor would throw his support behind a mainstream, for-the-middle-class democrat (like Bob)? I don't know why people can't see that the farleft (PDS members, Carl, Cadillac-Deval, Osama-Obama, etc) is the gestapo of America now. They don't tolerate dissent - you either back their Godless, moral-less, traitorous, seditous posistions 100% or off to the gulag with you. "

Oh man, so much fun in this one. First, the moonbat's like Archie Bunker walked off the celluloid and into our living rooms. Next thing we'll be hearing about the glories of President Ford and why pardoning Nixon was the Right Thing to Do.

Moving beyond that anachronism, we have the Osama-Obama nonsense, the last refuge of the damned. I swear, people are just getting lazier nowadays. They can't even come up with a plausible take down of the man, so they resort to some lazy "he's a furriner and a terrorist and his name is funny" bologna.

And then the gulag nonsense. My god, why would anybody listen to this person ever? Yes, Obama is throwing people in the gulag for disagreeing with him. Same thing with Deval and the far right. I was going to ask for evidence, but I think the chuckles such an attempt would inspire would rupture my insides. When millions are chucked into camps then you can start talking about gulags, but of course that ain't happening, nor will it.

And, then, the coup de grace of ignorance - the old canard that those on the left in this country are Socialists...even though 99% of the left in this country does not aspire towards the goal of communal/government ownership of the means of production (in other words, they fail the very first test of Marxism/socialism/communism.) I don't usually like blaming the school system, but um, god we need some better history teachers, I've seen this ignorance of basic political and ideological history too often.

I swear, that post must have been spit out by a computer algorithm compiling the most cliched Right-wing talking points available. No actual human being could buy all that nonsense at once. Maybe one or two of them, but all?

Goodby Carl! Love Snowflake!

"What does being a good politician have to do with losing some paperwork? " It mean's that this clown has no accountability to hold on signatures for his own job, never mind put the public's trust in him! Carl Scortino has no accountability nor can the public invest anymore trust into this clown! He should just run away with the circus or go hug a tree in the woods with his boyfriend!


Rollinson, welcome to the SN blog- and to I-hole's nonsensical rants. It's what happens to your brain when you listen to too much Rush Limbaugh and start to believe it.

Humorously enough, he's gotten better since Jamie started censoring the obviously drunk ones (at least, I'm assuming that's what has happened since comments are moderated).


Socialism isn't a binary choice, the big gov't welfare programs we have are a form of socialism. Its a spectrum.

Somerville n00b

"I swear, that post must have been spit out by a computer algorithm compiling the most cliched Right-wing talking points available."

Right! Imux cannot even write his own right wing garbage! He's a proven plagiarist.

Demo Man's competitor!

How is the "Demo Man" bidding on any of these jobs! From what I know, he doesn't even own any demo equipment at all! He subs all of the labor, equipment and etc,etc! So how is it that he can still qualify for this bidding process never mind is he coming in with a lower price , which I doubt, or is the entire process a farce and someone is taking care of it for him? The proper authorities should look into this scheme! Meanwhile this Demo Man and his city employed wife are taking us all on a free ride right to their bank!


Rollinson, I can see from the slant of your post that you - along with Craig, b00b, Ron, Bill and a few others - have been gurgling from the village idiot's teacup (or Hussein Osama's kool-aid). If you're going to attempt to debate me then you need to back things up with facts. The progressive democrats amongst us are not Socialists you say? You sure about that?

Recognize any of these names?

Sen. Bernie Sanders (VT)
Hon. John Conyers (MI-14)
Hon. Elijah Cummings (MD-7)
Hon. Danny Davis (IL-7)
Hon. Keith Ellison (MN-5)
Hon. Chaka Fattah (PA-2)
Hon. Barney Frank (MA-4)
Hon. Jesse Jackson, Jr. (IL-2)
Hon. Sheila Jackson-Lee (TX-18)
Hon. Dennis Kucinich (OH-10)
Hon. Jim McDermott (WA-7)
Hon. Jerrold Nadler (NY-8)
Hon. Charles Rangel (NY-15)
Hon. Bobby Rush (IL-1)
Hon. Linda Sanchez (CA-47)
Hon. Maxine Waters (CA-35)
Hon. Henry Waxman (CA-30)
Hon. Robert Wexler (FL-19)

This is only 18 of the 64 Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) representatives currently serving in the U.S. Congress. They are all recognizable leaders in today’s Democrat Party. You know their faces. They sit on top congressional committees and form American policy. Did you know they were socialists? There at least 48 more currently serving in congress.

The DSA Congressional Progressive Caucus names as its leadership, Nancy Pelosi - Speaker of the House, Steny Hoyer - Office of the Majority Leader, Jim Clyburn - Office of the Majority Whip, and Rahm Emanuel - Democratic Caucus Chair.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot… The Democratic Socialists of America support Barack Hussein Obama for president…

Rollinson, now run along and see if you can get your ass back down from between your shoulderblades where I have just kicked it. B00b and Ron need surgery as theirs has been kicked so often it's stuck up between their shoulders now.


Google the I-holes last statement and you will see he is plagiarizing directly from a neo-nazi hate site ("america news journal"). Either he's plagiarizing or he wrote the article originally. With friends like the I-hole, it's safe to say Bob Trane doesn't need enemies.


oooh Imux. Looks like we should have congress begin the Imux Hearings so we can weed out these Socialists from our society in congress and in hollywood too. Oh fun a new blacklist for this century.

Ron Newman

Someone please buy Imux a Breathalyzer so that he can't post while drunk.


Comrades (I want you idiots to get used to this term), is the post factually correct or not? Are those "progressive" members of the democratic party or not? Are they also rabid socialists (communists in training)? YES or NO!?!?! You limpwristed moonbats CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!

Quit dancing around the facts!!!!! We need to weed out these traitorous, Godless (most are atheists), moral-less (Barney).


Funny that Charles Rangel is on Imux's (pilfered) list; in our discussion about out-of-district funds it may come of interest to Imux that according to records online none that it appears Bob Trane's brother has coughed up a pretty good sized chunk of money to the esteemed Democrat Socialist from New York, Charles Rangel.

If anyone can explain this one, I'd be happy to listen.


Ron,you should be the last one to say something like that, although i may not agree with everything Imux says, he's right about the list no mattter where he got it. And Ron weren't you listed on the Someville Community News as a contributor?
Quote from the former Somerville Community News newspaper. "We see the Community News as part of a long-range effort to turn things around: to limit the power and privilege of the wealthy elite, to extend democracy to the economy, to gurantee adequate housing, education, and medical care to all, and to eliminate the domination of one class, race, nation, or sex by another. We call our goals socialism - a society built upon the creativity and cooperativeness within us all".
Your name was one of the many mentioned in the paper every time it was distributed in Somerville.


File under "Truth is Stranger than Fiction": Is Feargal really Bob Trane's campaign manager? Whoa.

Ron Newman

Yes, I was a writer for the Somerville Community News. So?


Tricky, I donate to Kennedy and Kerry and I detest both of them. So Bob's brother donating to Rangel means squat. We donate to buy influence when needed and we know the democrats are the easiest to buy. Donating does not - in and of itself - mean you share the nutbag's opinions.

Ron, no one read what you wrote then and no one cares what you say or write now.

Somerville n00b

Hey, Imux, did you just see that? You know what I mean. Remember that.


Hey, maybe that's why Carl's not returning your calls, Imux! You're not coughing up enough cash. Why not send Carl, say, 28 grand (heavens to betsy, did PT really send that much to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee?) and I'd bet he'd even make house calls.

Either that, or you are a figment of someone's feeble imagination. My money's on the latter.

Please come forward and help!

Is there anybody out there that can tell me what the Demo Guy's real story is? From what I found out is that he is an opportunist that keeps on ticking! He and his wife live off the fat of the land and we are all paying for it! The same goes for his friend the zoning guy with camouflage flowered shirt on the other page who is trying to talk his way out of a big one! I know how much Elaine, the victim from that Harvard Street fire has and still is struggling after the Demo Guy got his hooks into her pocket! I see her every day in the hall ways at work and every time I do see her, my heart bleeds for her! That poor lady has to suffer while that overstuffed Baby Huey look-a-like rides around the city in his fat white truck looking for more victims to prey on! And for that zoning guy with the long Pinocio nose, shame on him too! He milked his share of victims in the city as well! Somerville scamers! You got to love them! But we don't! If there's anyone out there that can shed more lite on motives of these two clowns, please step up!


As the inventor of the name "Stickers" Carl...
I'm now contemplating the idea of something better;
"Fake Knockers" Carlita.


I-hole: I think one of the reasons no one is addressing your bogus question is because it's just that: bogus.

"Is Rush Limbaugh, law-breaking, pill-popping, drug-using, hypocritical fool who calls for drug users to be sentenced to the harshest penalties and then cops out and begs for leniency for himself?" Oh, wait, those are facts.

Let's try this: "Is David Vitter (Rep. senator from Louisiana, you know, the party of "morals and family values) an adulterer who paid a hooker to dress him up in diapers and shit himself, who only admitted it when the madame in question was on trial and his number came up in her book, but who hasn't had any action taken against him while the madame killed herself when she was convicted?" Oh, darn, those facts again...

How 'bout: "Is Senator Larry Craig a homophobic closet case who preached loudly about the dangers of 'the homoz' and 'the buttsecks' and family values and morals, all the while picking up men in airport bathrooms?"

See, these are real questions, I-hole. Your production of a list of names that one web site (copied a million times thanks to you dittoheads) says are evil and dangerous commies, and then demanding we prove such a vague statement wrong is ludicrous.

At long last, have you no decency, sir?


Craig, you've been smoking too much of that waky-tobacky if you think I care about Rush or any republican. I don't - and I don't even hate democrats -- I just "calls 'em I sees 'em". And right now the progressives - who have taken over the democractic party - are trying to take this city (and the country) in a direction that the vast majority (if informed) does not want. You idiots are just a LOUD, vocal minority that the majority of folks would lynch if they knew your real agenda (socialism - Europe style for now... old USSR ultimately).

We don't want the government taking more money out of our pockets, or more programs to help pet projects of the fringe libaloons. We don't want a party that excludes the regular person and who caters only to the rich, liberal elitists and their need to get over their white guilt by throwing social engineering expirements at the rest of us like sanctuary city, gays marrying, no more guns, no God taught in school, let the criminals free, hug-an-illegal, etc.

Oh yeah...stick a fork in "Stickers" Carl - he blew it when his dog ate the signatures. Maybe he wouldn't be so screwed if had spent more time trying to help the district he represents and a little less time hanging with his buddies in the sand dunes near Provincetown.

I really believe that when someone (Carl) does something so stupid (as to lose the signatures to appear on the ballot) that the person is trying tell us that he doesn't want the job. I don't think his heart is into being a state representative. I think he thinks it's time to pursue his lifelong dream of [edited out by JN because Imux is a jackass sometimes].


"Imux is a jackass sometimes"?

How's that office in the State House Imux? I hope you have air conditioning. It's going to continue to be a long hot summer.

Planet Somerville

Bob Trane is the best alderman in the city. Residents of Ward 7, let's keep our alderman right here where we need him most.


Ron Newman

The Davis Square LiveJournal Community yard sale has been postponed to Sunday, August 3 because of an earlier forecast of possible thunderstorms on July 27.

But when it's a Democrat........

It's funny, the Democrats love to lambaste Larry Craig, who was accused of attempting something that never happened. What about Marzilli, right here in Arlington? He was accused of multiple times of actually assalting women, and the Democrats? Well, in Arlington they're having fundraisers for him and complaining that he's being mistreated because he has an illness. It's funny when the shoe is on the other foot, isn't it?

Somerville n00b

Comparing Craig and Marzilli does not make sense. Nobody would have cared about Craig's public bathroom behavior, had he not been an outspoken anti-gay politician. Which is the typical hypocritical Republican way to do things. Just keep an eye on November to realize that at least 80% of the country has realized that too, finally.
Marzilli is a poor slob who should not allowed to hold a position of authority because he cannot keep his various extremities in check.
They are both somewhat defective human beings, and they should not be in a position to represent anybody.


Marzilli is out of office and facing charges. Larry Craig PLEAD GUILTY to soliciting sex in an airport men's room and paid a fine, and then tried to change his story when it became public. And he has refused to resign.

Ron Newman

Marzilli has not resigned, though I certainly think he should. He is not running for re-election, but it was too late to remove his name from the primary ballot.


Thanks n00b for the response- it was pretty much what I would have said. My point was that for all the talk of family values and morals, they have a lot of depraved people in office. Remember Mark Foley and the drunken page sex chats, for instance? I mean, I just touched (ha!) on a few of the most recent (and KNOWN) occurrences.

Marzilli is a mentally ill man and will soon be out of office (should be sooner, agreed). But he isn't a raging hypocrite who thumps the bible and tells people how to live, while doing the exact opposite (oh, another example just came to mind: Ted Haggert, the big-time preacher, who was doing meth and male prostitutes-- remember him?).


Gentlemen (you too Newman), do we really need to go down the road of whish democrat is a bigger slimeball? Right here we have a murderer / drunk for our senior senator (Ted Kennedy), a rep (Barney Frank) who swings the wrong way and who allowed a male prostitution ring to operate out of his DC home and assorted other miscreants (Marzilli, Carl, etc.) who call themselves Democrats.

The difference is with democrats deviant behaviour is EXPECTED, so it's not news. When a republican does something sick & twisted - it is SHOCKING.

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