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July 16, 2008



And don't forget, next Tuesday, Sciortino is having a fundraiser with Governor Deval Patrick at Sabur restaurant in Teele Square. 7pm on the 22nd.

Deputy Chiefs???????

"Somerville -
The mayor is calling the Board of Aldermen together next week for a meeting to discuss creating two new Deputy Chief positions in the police department."

There is absolutely no need for this Police Department to create two positions of "Deputy Chiefs", that are appointed by the Mayor and will not have civil service protection, for any reason whatsoever. They were so inefective and such dead weight that these positions haven't been filled for almost fifty years!

I wonder how the Captains of this department now feel after making a devils deal with the Mayor not to oppose taking the Chief's position out of civil service for a few token favors. Now the captains of this force will have to answer to three bosses, one from Florida and now two other out of staters. Unless of course two of the captains were promised these positions for their loyalty to the Mayor.

This city needs more cops on the streets not ones dressed in gold buttons and badges riding a couple of desks.

What exactly will a Deputy Chief do that a captain can't? Does the new Chief want a buffer zone from his brass at a cost of about a quarter million dollars a year?

Ron Newman

Where on Park Street is the 'proposed 98-unit project' and what would be torn down to build it? Is the proposal for apartments or condos?


While everyone is up in arms about the two new positions in the police department, the city's health department is quietly collapsing under our noses. The long-time director has just quit, and in the last 6 months they have lost the assistant director, the directors of SCAP, the human rights commission, and the multicultural commission, and the glbt liaison.

Deputy Chiefs???????

I believe Gleason and McGann (sic) were the last two Deputy Chiefs. It's been so long since these positions were filled that my picks are a definite guess.


priorities, what are you talking about? Why do we even have these special interest commisions? They are a waste of taxpayer money and ought to be disbanded completely. If someone discriminates we already have enough resources at the state/federal level to handle the complaints. The only thing those departments were doing was aiding and abetting criminals (illegals).

Human Rights, (Gay/Lesbian/Transexuals) GLT, Multicultural - pfffffft.....what is next? How about a Dog Commision? My pooch Rocky needs more parks to unload his bowel in. Can we create a commision for him? The poor dog is being discriminated against.

Talk about wasting money. Commisions for gay/Lesbian/Transexuals!!!! What is this city coming to? You people are out of control.

Cpt Corvette

Deputy Chiefs??????? Come on Capt. Don't be jealous. I think the new chief might be upset if he new you were blogging. Easy now

Ron Newman

If you look at , you'll see that the city government has a very legitimate interest in issues relating to dogs.


I live in the district, but I did not get any mailing from BT.


I'm an undecided voter in the district and I didn't get any mailing from Bob Trane.

Ron Newman

I'm a Ward 6 voter who received a fundraising flyer in the mail from Bob Trane. I was highly amused to read his complaint about Carl raising money from outside the district. Doesn't he realize that Day Street is outside the district too?

To Ron.......

To Ron: Why do you think the city has a legitimate interest in issues relating to dogs? Beyond licensing them and enforcing regulations like the leash law?

Ron Newman

You named two right there, plus the city needs to somehow resolve conflicts between dog owners and other users of the Community Path and parks. Establishing off-leash areas such as the one at Nunziato Field seems to work well.


Imux, you obviously have no clue whatsoever about what those commissions do. You also missed the point completely about the health department. Or is health a special interest now?

Somerville n00b

It would be informative for everybody if somebody explained what those commissions do for the money they get.

Dog Owners

Personally, I think that the one dog park already planned (shoved down the neighbors' throats with virtually no input), and the one planned (at least it's well away from residential areas) are more than enough until dog owners as a group become more responsible. They flagrantly ignore the leash law on the bike path so that from approximately 5-8 pm every day noone else can navigate through their group of owners and dogs (running freely around the area). They make it impossible for walkers, bikers, and other dog owners to use the area, and I think they do it intentionally to try to push the city into giving them more space for their dogs. I think that if they want respect they need to respect others a little more.


The existing dog park is a hole. I was there once with my dog. It is small, no trees, no grass just lots of sand and gravel, real nice to play in.
Cambridge and Newton have beautiful parks for their four legged friends.

As for the bike path, I agree the dogs should be leashed..however you people that ride bikes are just as guilty being totally inconsiderate of think you are in a race, slow the F** down. I almost got hit the other day...if I did, I would have gone after hime and beat the crap out of the long haired twirp

Health Department Director

or maybe all the health department staff are gone BECAUSE of the director. she couldn't manage her way out of a wet paper bag!

there are some great employees not mentioned in the loss since she has been there. The trauma network manager left and SCAP lost 3 directors and 2 organizers because of her.

if you ask me it's about time she's gone, she brought in talented staff but was not able to lead or manage the department. she's a micro manager and is so condescending and rude to her staff. she should be ashamed of herself. impossible to work with. talks down to everyone. horrible really...somerville is way better off without her!

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