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July 09, 2008



Mr. Trane needs to spend a little more time spell checking the flyers he leaves at the doors. In addition to having his phone number wrong there are a whole lot of typos. Seeing as Sciortino was criticized here for using old stationary, it's only fair & balanced for Trane to be called out too, right?


It's "Stickers" Sciortino from now on.

William Hurst

Your article (page 5) in todays Somerville News states that the Smart Car can get up to "60 miles to a gallon of gas". The EPA estimates are 33 Mpg in the city and 41 Mpg on the highway. In their test Consumer Reports averaged 38 Mpg. Consumer Reports placed the Toyota Prius at an average of 44 Mpg. Price would have to be a concern, the Smart Car base price is 11,590 to 16,590. The Prius has a base price of 21,500 to 23,770. The warranty is much better with the Prius. It has a 3 year 36,000 mile base warranty with the powertrain having a 5 year 60,000 miles. The Smart Car has a 2 year 24,000 mile warranty for both.


Why did Sciortino not vote for or against the budget? Answers on a post card to his office please.


Even on Trane's worst typos days, at least he had he brains , the responsibility and the dedication to put his name on the ballot!

just the facts

I ask the Somerville News to list all the members of the upper ranks of the Fire Deptpartment who are driving hybrid cars. Although, hybrids were purchased for the Fire Prevention Bureau, the upper ranks are still full of gas guzzling SUVs.

'Smart' Car

The Smart Cars are a joke, made more for parking in the city than anything else. I'll tell you one thing - I'd hate to be rear-ended in that thing!

T-Boy Williams

So smart cars are really dumb cars?

What would you like to be rear ended in?


The demo man seems to have his hands in more stuff with the city, when does it ever stop? What goes around comes around......

Somerville n00b

Smart Cars have been reported to do very well in crash tests...

Ward 3 Voter

All Somerville News Readers and anyone else. Watch where you park your smart car remember we have expense parking meters that work like one arm bandits and the city gives out parking tickets, can get towed also and yes we even have the boot. i would like to see a smart car get a ticket and even get the boot. Let me know readers so i can go and take a picture.


Funny you should mention "outside the district": on my stroll through West Somerville today I noticed a white pickup with New Hampshire plates, and a Bob Trane bumper sticker on the back. Does this count?

Also, speaking of repaving streets, sure looks like Hooker Avenue received the Full Monty recently. But I guess you can file that one under "constituent services", eh?

Get the photo of Frank P driving! Love Snowflake!

Hey Somerville News! Here's a hot news tip for you! Frank P the moron lawyer, you know who shows up at his office every Saturday like clockwork to play cards with his gang! Even though his driver's licence was taken away as part of his guilty plea, he still drives there when a ride is not available! He usually parks in the lot on Stone ave but doesn't always use his Frank P Lincoln. He's usually in a mid size ford to be low key!
Good luck in you hunt!

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