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July 22, 2008



Vinnie! You come and STAY here illegally and you don't expect ramifications?! What are you thinking? Oh... and this guy is no saint as this sentence testifies "...When Lebron reentered the country in May, a prior arrest led to his mandatory detention. At the hearing, Judge Shapiro said Lebron had two drug possession convictions on his record..." What a swell guy.

I guess Vinnie figured he could break immigration laws with impunity - why not drug laws too! Send him back.. send him, his drum and if he's got a horse send that back with him too.


Well, he shouldn't have had convictions. Why is he complaining? It's not the INS who has "silenced his drum" (gosh, cry me a river) but his own irresponsible behavior.


The INS has to keep musicians with criminal records out of the country to protect the children. Obviously it's foreign musicians who once got caught with some weed who are causing children to become drug addicts, terrorists, and/or same-sex wedding participants.


Shouldn't the headline be "Vincente Lebron silences his Drum." ??

Uphold the law

While the article had the intended effect of making you feel bad for this gentleman, and his family, and his band, the fact remains that he broke our laws. The story is rather vague on the facts, but it sounds like he is a legal immigrant. However, legal immigrants can lose their right to that status by certain behaviors, such as being convicted for drug possession. We cannot allow people to live here from other countries who are using/selling/dealing drugs. I'm sure Mr. Lebron was aware of this, and he's lucky he wasn't deported when he was first convicted.

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