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July 08, 2008


Sara Silverman

Can we elaborate on the budget and exactly were the funds are going?

Mole Fan

Nice try Joe, lets face it we all know you HATE the fire department. The only thing keeping them above water is federal money. Whats next, did you invent the internet? Less manpower, less companies in service, another expirered contract. Thanks Joe......for nothing.

The Mole

The only thing flourishing during these uncertain times is what you have up your sleeves Joeycakes. With you at the helm, we don't know what to look forward to with the exception of increased taxes, water and sewer rates, parking fines and more of the hacks you and Boss Hog hire each week.

The Mole

Somerville n00b

If Somerville grows when everything else around us is falling apart, I think that some credit has to go to the Mayor. It has to be said that the people advertising this information may be having a conflict of interest (e.g., perhaps they sell properties in Somerville). Now, this could all be illusory, perhaps Somerville is simply getting into more and more debt. How could one tell?

Somerville n00b

"the taxpayers who provide those dollars because of their pride in their community and their commitment to its success."

Probably, most people pay taxes simply because they HAVE to. Not so much out of pride or anything. At least, I don't feel pride when I pay my taxes (I do feel pride when I see competent people doing their job). Just a simple observation so we don't get carried away with empty local patriotism :)


Mayor Curtatone:

I pay my taxes because it is a LAW-not because I have "pride in my community and a commitment to its success." I would rather have my federal tax dollars in MY pocket now that I have a baby instead of it being used for wasteful programs in the city.

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